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Ascended Masters

                Great Divine Director                
The Great Divine Director by Charles Sindelar

by Allen Buresz

The Ascended Masters are Individuals who were once embodied on Earth and learned the lessons of Life in Their embodiments. They transcended human limitations and Ascended into Divine Freedom. They gained Mastery over the limitations of the matter planes, * balanced at least 51% of negative karma, and fulfilled Their Dharma (Divine Plan). An Ascended Being has become God-like and a Source of unconditional Love to all Life, and through the Ascension has united with His or Her Own God Self, the "I AM" Presence. Ascended Masters serve as the Teachers of mankind from the Realms of Spirit. The Divine Plan is for all people to eventually attain the Ascension and move forward in Spiritual Evolution beyond this planet. (6)

Ascended Masters are enlightened Spiritual Beings who lived on Earth, faced the same challenges we face today and reunited with God. Today They serve as the Teachers of mankind from the Realms of Spirit. They guide, protect, inspire and heal mankind. They are Teachers in the truest sense of the word. They can help us grow in any area of our lives and achieve the real purpose of life: to become One with God in the Ascension.

Through the putting on of that Mind which was in Christ Jesus, Ascended Masters have mastered time and space and in the process gained the mastery of the self in the four lower bodies, in the lower planes of matter, in the chakras and the balanced Threefold Flame. An Ascended Master has also transmuted at least 51 percent of his karma, fulfilled His Divine Plan, thus qualifying for the ritual of the Ascension � acceleration by the Sacred Fire into the Presence of one's own Individualized "I AM" Presence. Ascended Masters inhabit the planes of Spirit, the Kingdom of God (God's Consciousness), and may teach unascended individuals in an etheric retreat or in the etheric cities on the etheric plane (the Kingdom of Heaven). (5)

It is important for students and people to come to realize that all Ascended Beings are Real, Tangible Beings. Their Bodies are not physical but They can make Them as tangible as our physical bodies are. Although Their God Consciousness is formless and One with the Allness of THE ONE, Their Individual Forms are sustained by the Power of Light, by the Power of Divine Energy, by that Stream of Light, Life, and Love from Within Their Hearts. They have entered into total Oneness with Their Invidualized God Presence, therefore They no longer have to call It forth. They have the use of this Energy in the various Qualifications of the Divine Attributes. Through thought and feeling, They can mold the Cosmic Light Substance from the Universal Sea of Light into whatever They require. Their Bodies are all Light Substance, with the Light Radiating from their Heart giving them the appearance of Beings of White Fire. Our bodies constantly change - because in building them, past human qualification of energy and substance is utilized, while the Ascended Ones retain Theirs Eternally, because Their Activity is only God Reality with no human creation.

The Life of Ascended Masters is Practical and Natural, although it may seem Transcendent from the human sense. When we understand That and can feel It, then They can give greater Assistance. By giving our attention first to our own "I AM" Presence and then to an Ascended Being, that Ray of Light and Radiance from us goes right to the Master. No matter where He is, He knows it - and by directing His Attention through Consciousness - He comes back on that Ray of Light and knows what is required. Mankind has since Jesus' Ministry felt He was so far beyond the human being that it was impossible to reach Him. Yet many times He has wanted to come close and give Assistance, but could not because the individual's feeling held Him so far away." (3)

The Ascended Masters are the "Teachers" of mankind referred to by the prophet Isaiah (chapter 30, verses 20 - 21): " . . . yet shall not thy Teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy Teachers, and thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, 'This is the Way, walk ye in it'."

" . . . The Great White Brotherhood has endeavored to activate and release the Blue Plume of the Law, the Faith and the God-Power, Perfection and Protection through the Messengers, the Dictations and the students of The I AM Activity, which beloved Saint Germain brought to the attention of mankind, giving Me and beloved Lotus the Opportunity to serve therein. Was it not the Logic of the Logos Itself to first bring forth the Blue Plume in order to lay a strong foundation in the Will of God, precept by precept?

"Next came the widening of the scope of that service through the Dispensation of The Bridge to Freedom Activity, whose purpose through its Messenger, was to expand the Golden Plume of Illumination by releasing much Wisdom of the Law that had never come to Earth before.

"As the Threefold Flame now completes its Circle of Divine Service through the action of God's Forgiving Love in that which is yet to come forth in the services and Christ-Teachings of The Lighthouse of Freedom [The Summit Lighthouse], all shall see and understand the quite natural and orderly sequence of these three expressions of the I AM Knowledge. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Godfre
through the Messenger, Mark Lyle Prophet,   1958, U.S.A.   (2)

Crown of the Ascension

" . . . But the Souls of the Upright are in the Hand of God, and there shall no misery touch Them. In the eye of the unenlightened, the Upright seem to die after Their departure. And Their departure is taken for misery, and Their going from us to be utter destruction: but They are in Peace. For though, in the sight of the unenlightened They may have seemed to suffer punishment in life, yet Their hope is of Immortality. And having been a little chastised in that life, They shall be greatly rewarded: for God put Them to the test, purifying them, and found Them worthy for Himself. As gold in the furnace has He tried Them, and received Them as an offering. And in the time of Their judgement, Their Light shall shine, running to and fro as sparks run through the stubble. They shall judge nations, and have dominion over their people, and Their God shall reign in them forever. They that trust in Him shall come to understand the Truth: and the Faithful Ones shall live with Him in Love: for Grace and Mercy await His Holy Ones, and He intervenes on behalf of His Chosen. . . . "

Book of Wisdom,  Chapter 3, verses 1 - 9 (1)

ascended masters

Twin Pillars of The Temple

The Temple of The Presence

In answer to Morya and Saint Germain, the Cosmic Councils have released the Dispensation of The Temple of The Presence. At the present time, the Ascended Masters have anointed Monroe and Carolyn Shearer as Their Anointed Representatives™ to the outside world. As with their predecessors in this spiritual Office, Monroe and Carolyn have been preparing for this mission for several embodiments. After training separately in this lifetime, they were brought together in 1993 and received full Sponsorship from the Great Brotherhood of Light (8) for their public service through The Temple of The Presence in May 1995, when the first Dictation was delivered through them - from Ascended Master Morya.

The Ascended Masters Morya El and Saint Germain are principal Sponsors for The Temple of The Presence, together with the Lord Maha Chohan, Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, and the Seven Holy Kumaras. The Messengers deliver Discourses and Dictations directly from the Masters who are Themselves present in Their Ascended Bodies. The Release of Light that takes place on these occasions surpasses all previous experience of those in attendance. Those who have been privileged to take part in the implementation of this new Dispensation have been blessed beyond measure by the Opportunity to work with our Ascended Brothers and Sisters and receive Their very Personal Instruction. (7)

Today in the twenty-first century, the Ascended Masters are publicly releasing the correct understanding and Teaching of the Truth of the Law. On October 11, 1998, Beloved Vesta promised that this clear defining of the facts will continue to occur through The Temple of The Presence and will be "an ongoing Release of Light from the Heart of the Great Central Sun to bring forth the Truth and the Reality of God. Where there is error, where there is a misrepresentation, it will be dispelled by My Representatives. And My Representatives will go forward in the Fullness of the Light. And where that Light stands, no untruth, no unreality can stand." (9)

Note: * "Matter planes" refers to the atomic and molecular structures on a planet in which the Incarnation of the Heart Flame of the I AM Presence takes place. The lower planes (dimensions / wavelength frequency resonance) are sometimes correlated with physical solids, liquids, and gases; the higher subplanes of the physical octave are sometimes referred to as "etheric" and not normally perceivable by the physical senses. The matter planes also include the emotional, mental, and memory levels of our Earth. Gaining "mastery over matter planes" means learning to consciously use 100% of one's Creative Power (from within the Threefold Flame of the Heart) of thought, feeling, and spoken word to externalize greater Perfection, Joy, and Love in the world, as opposed to using thoughts, feelings, and words to create greater limitations, bondage, and chaos in one's own experience and in the world at large through carelessness and lack of awareness of the extent of one's influence in the world.

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Great Central Sun Angels

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