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Golden Earth

Easter Conclave

Wednesday April 1 - Sunday April 5, 2015

Temple of The Presence

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Twin Rays
1937 The Voice of The "I AM"
© Saint Germain Foundation

Saint Germain: "When You, the 'Mighty I AM Presence', will to come forth into an Individualized Focus of Conscious Dominion and use the Creative Word, 'I AM', Your First Individual Activity is the Formation of a Flame. Then you, the Individualized Focus of the Mighty I AM Presence, begin your Dynamic Expression of Life.

"This Activity, We term Self-Consciousness, meaning the Individual who is conscious of his Source and Perfection of Life, expressing through himself. Only the Self-Conscious Individual has ALL the Attributes and Creative Power of the Mighty I AM Presence. Only He can know who and what He is, and express the Fullness of the Creative Power of God whenever He Decrees, by the use of the Words, 'I AM'.

"The Almighty God-Flame, breathing within Itself, projects Two Rays into the Great Sea of Pure Electronic Light. This Intelligent Light-Substance becomes the clothing, as it were, for these Rays of the Mighty I AM Presence. Each Ray has all the Attributes of the Godhead within It, and no imperfection can ever enter into or register upon It. The Individualized Flame sends down into each Ray a Focal Point, or Spark, forming a Heart-Center upon which gathers the Electronic Light-Substance, creating the Electronic Body."

(The Magic Presence - Saint Germain Series Volume 2, Chapter IV, pages 89 - 95)

Great Central Sun Angels

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