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Recommended Books

    Ascended Master books

King, Godfre Ray    Unveiled Mysteries - Saint Germain Series Volume 1

This book is a record of Godfre Ray King�s initial experiences with the Ascended Master Saint Germain and includes His instruction to Godfre on the Great Laws of Life.

Unveiled Mysteries
King, Godfre Ray    The Magic Presence - Saint Germain Series Volume 2

This book is a continuation of the experiences which Godfre Ray King had with the Ascended Master Saint Germain in Volume 1. In The Magic Presence, Godfre applies the knowledge that he received from Saint Germain in Unveiled Mysteries. An exciting story of relationships.

The Magic Presence
King, Godfre Ray    The I AM Discourses - Saint Germain Series Volume 3

Never before, except in the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, has such intensified, transcendent Instruction concerning the "I AM" been given to individuals. This book reveals the True Inner Instruction and Use of the Sacred Flame. Permission for this Inner Instruction to be explained to students as given forth in these 33 Dictations had been granted to the Ballards by the Ascended Masters.

I AM Discourses
King, Godfre Ray    Ascended Master Instruction - Saint Germain Series Volume 4

After Mr. Ballard had been given the experiences as recorded in Volumes 1 & 2, he returned to his home in Chicago where he received these twenty-eight Dictations by the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Ascended Master Instruction
The Temple of The Presence    Decree Book

For more than a century, the great host of Ascended Masters have stepped forth periodically onto the world stage, always speaking of the fervent desire of their Hearts for and on behalf of mankind's Freedom. In furtherance of this goal They have demonstrated countless spiritually scientific prayers taking the form of Invocations, Calls, Fiats, Affirmations, Mantras and rhythmic Decrees - all released through an ongoing lineage of Ascended Master Activities. The very words They have decreed remain to this day poised in the ethers as Cups of Light gathering greater and greater momentum and continuing to radiate the sure and certain fulfillment of their original intent.

Decree Book


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Other Books of Interest     Ascended Master books

Bacon, Francis    Francis Bacon: The Major Works

This authoritative edition by Oxford World's Classics in paperback form brings together an extensive collection of Francis Bacon's writings - the major prose in full, together with sixteen other pieces not otherwise available - that reveals the essence of his publicly acknowledged works and thinking.

Major Works by Francis Bacon
Blavatsky, Helena P.    Isis Unveiled : A Master Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology

H. P. Blavatsky's first major literary effort, a critical response to the growing materialism in both scientific and religious institutions, is a vindication of the ageless quest. In the author's words, Isis "is the fruit of a somewhat intimate acquaintance with Eastern Adepts and study of Their Science. . . . They showed us that by combining Science with Religion, the existence of God and immortality of man's Spirit may be demonstrated." Supported by massive evidence, from religious and mystical traditions, classical scholarship, and the testimony of nature, these volumes aid the student in detecting the vital principles which underlie the philosophical systems of old.

Blavatsky, Helena P.    The Secret Doctrine : The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy   (Volumes 1 and 2, plus Volume 3 containing Collected Writings and Index)    1888 Facsimile: Cosmogenesis / Anthropogenesis / Index / Boxed Set

Creation of the cosmos and the story of humanity and our evolution - a synthesis of religion, philosophy, and science. These volumes are a fountain of esoteric knowledge for deep truth seekers, examining the birth and structure of the universe and how everything has the Divine as its source. It also traces the development of humanity - drawing from sacred scriptures, mythology, and legends to give a spiritual view of human beings. Three volumes with slip case, includes full index. Volume III is an index to help readers find any topic easily.

Booth, Mark    The Secret History of the World: As Laid Down by the Secret Societies

Mark Booth is a London publisher who has taught philosophy and theology at Oxford. They say that history is written by the victors. But what if history - or what we come to know as history - has all along been written by the wrong people? What if everything we've been told is only part of the story? What if it's the wrong part?

In this groundbreaking new work, Mark Booth embarks on an enthralling intellectual tour of our world's secret histories. Starting from a dangerous premise--that everything we've been taught about our world's past is corrupted, and that the stories put forward by the various cults and mystery schools throughout history are true - Booth produces nothing short of an alternate history of the past 3,000 years.

History is more than a list of things that have happened; it's a measure of consciousness and experience. And in The Secret History of the World, Booth's take on history is relentless, charging through time and space and thought in interdisciplinary fashion; embracing cognitive science, religion, psychology, historiography, and philosophy, a new timeline is drawn, and a huge swath of our cultural heritage that has for long been hidden is restored. From Greek and Egyptian mythology to Jewish folklore, from Christian cults to Freemasons, from Charlemagne to Don Quixote, from George Washington to Hitler - Booth shows without a doubt that history as we know it needs a revolutionary rethink, and he has 3,000 years of hidden wisdom to back it up.

Secret History
Chawla, Navin    Mother Teresa - The Authorized Biography

First published in Great Britain in 1992, this biography includes many letters and rare photographs which provide a graphic and moving portrait of the Catholic nun - now Ascended and Immortal - whose work among the poorest of the poor in Calcutta had earned her worldwide acclaim, along with the Nobel Peace Prize. The order founded by Mother Teresa, the Missionaries of Charity, now operates 456 centers in more than 100 countries, feeding half a million families each year. This book provides a full account of this remarkable woman's devotion.

Mother Theresa
DeWaters, Lillian    Science of Ascension - A Study of Our Being

The author clearly sets forth and illustrates the way of shortening the process of one's awakening from mortality to Immortality. Rising by the way of inspiration & absolute Truth transcends the tedious & toilsome thought taking method and assures a conscious contact with the Presence of God - which places one in a state & condition of Harmonious Existence.

Science of Ascension
Feuerstein Ph.D., Georg    The Yoga-Sutra of Pata�jali: A New Translation and Commentary

Approximately two thousand years old, The Yoga-Sutra of Pata�jali is the landmark scripture on classical yoga. The translation and commentary provided here by Georg Feuerstein are outstanding for their accessibility and their insight into the essential meaning of this ancient and complex text. His faithful and informed rendering of the aphorisms (sutras) is based on extensive personal research into the Sanscrit sources. Each word is explained so that the entire text becomes readily available to the western reader and student of yoga.

Yoga-Sutra of Patajali
Fischer, Lynn    Angels of Love and Light: The Great Archangels & Their Divine Complements, the Archeiai (with original paintings of the Seven Archangels and Their Archeiai by Marius Michael-George)

Beautiful Archangels command the Heavenly Host. They are the Celestial Army of God, bearing and bringing Love and Light to all beings on Earth. It is in Their honor that this book is dedicated and lovingly prepared by the author and artist, whose hope it is that even greater reverence will be given to Them for Their special Work and Devotion to our planet.

Garver, Will    Brother of the Third Degree

This is a story of dedication and love, written with a fervor and passion seldom seen. Mystical, enlightening, challenging, thrilling, and overall a non-stop excitement about Love and Service of the Highest Degree. To read this book is similar to undergoing an Initiation experience oneself. The book is very well-written, and it is hard to lay it down before reading it all the way through. If you are ready to get a push forward on the Initiatory Path, this book can do it for you!

Brotherhood of Light
Great Divine Director    The I AM Discourses by The Great Divine Director
                - Volume 8 of the Saint Germain Series

This book contains twenty-five Discourses by the Beloved Great Divine Director given through the Messenger, Guy W. Ballard (now the Ascended Master Godfre), during the years 1937 through 1939 in various cities throughout America. He is the Great Cosmic Being who is the Authority of the Cosmic Law to this earth, which means the Law and Activity of Life and Light in this world in regard to holding the balance of constructive activities, for the whole system of planets to which this earth belongs.

Master R
Hall, Manly Palmer    The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic, and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy

Simply put, this is the most beautiful and complete book on esoteric wisdom ever published. It represents a lifetime of research into the mythology, symbolism, and magical practices of countless cultures. From the secrets of Isis to the teachings of mystic Christianity, nearly every occult dogma imaginable is represented here. The book is full of giant illustrations, some of which fold out into a magnificent two-page splendor. This is the definitive guide to secret societies, famous figures, and more a must for every personal library.

Secret Teachings of All Ages
Hall, Manly Palmer    Secret Destiny of America and America's Assignment with Destiny

Drawing upon often neglected fragments of history, The Secret Destiny of America presents evidence for a mysterious Great Plan at the core of the nation�s founding. Manly P. Hall explains how esoteric and mystical orders collaborated in setting aside the American continent for a world-shaking experiment in enlightened self-government and religious Liberty. The author locates the seeds for this Plan one thousand years before the beginning of the Christian era, exploring figures such as the Pharaoh Akhnaton, Plato, and Plotinus. Once hatched in the colonial age, the great experiment involved:

Christopher Columbus, who may have been an agent of esoteric order connected with Lorenzo de� Medici and Leonardo da Vinci; English intellectuals Bacon and Raleigh, who played unique roles in the court intrigue surrounding the settlement of the continent; Founding Fathers Washington and Franklin, who had esoteric associations; and a network of Rosicrucians, mystics, and Freemasons whose ideals of religious freedom traveled to American soil.

Whether discussing the symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States, the prophecy at George Washington�s birth, or the role of Saint Germain, the Mysterious Stranger who swayed the signers of the Declaration of Independence, fascinating strands of esoteric history that lie at America�s heart are linked together.

This special two-in-one edition book combines both of Manly P. Hall�s classics: The Secret Destiny of America (1944) and America's Assignment with Destiny (1951)

Secret Destiny of America
Jesus and Kuthumi    Prayer and Meditation

A practical guide for achieving spiritual renewal and overcoming adversity. Jesus teaches the art of unceasing communion with God. Kuthumi, the 19th-century Mahatma who had been embodied as Saint Francis, teaches the way of Higher Meditation to open the heart to receive ever greater increments of God's Love, Wisdom and Power.

Leadbeater, Charles W.    The Masters and the Path

This book contains a remarkable array of spiritual Truths, all dealt with in depth. It is a classic work; invaluable for the true seeker of Spiritual Wisdom. Each page and chapter contains priceless gems to meditate on and ponder - on commitment to God & the Path. Leadbeater writes eloquently yet understandably of the Spiritual Realms and the Higher Planes of Existence, as well as of well-known Spiritual Masters and Teachers. It is inspiring and uplifting; giving hope to a troubled world - of Perfection to come. A book recommended to all who seek to Know and Understand the Divine.

Masters and the Path
Lloyd, David    The I AM Discourses by the Ascended Master David Lloyd - Saint Germain Series Volume 10

David Lloyd was the elderly Englishman whom Mr. Ballard assisted into the Ascension and Eternal Youth on the side of Mount Shasta. Beloved Ascended Master David Lloyd returned from the Ascended Masters' Octave to offer encouragement and guidance to mankind. This book contains nineteen Discourses by Him given through the Messenger, Guy W. Ballard � now the Ascended Master Godfre, throughout America during the years 1937 - 1939. A 1930 photograph of Mr. Ballard on Mount Shasta is included.

David Lloyd
Mother Teresa    A Simple Path

In an illuminating and inspirational spiritual guide, Mother Teresa shares her ideas on love, sacrifice, compassion, and giving. Mother Teresa had quietly but effectively devoted her life to the world's disadvantaged, spreading her message of hope from the slums of India to AIDS clinics in the United States. In this extraordinary and stimulating book, Mother Teresa shows readers how to attain a strong clarity of purpose that will have a positive effect on the world around them.

A Simple Path
Mother Teresa and Michael Collopy    Works of Love Are Works of Peace : Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the Missionaries of Charity

Unlike the people of ancient days who knew of saints only through their legends, icons and reliquaries, we in the 20th century have the ability to know modern saints through more technological forms. Over a four-year period, Collopy documented with photography Mother Teresa, the Missionaries of Charity and those persons throughout the world to whom the missionaries have ministered. The majority of the pages of the book is comprised of photos, many stunning, but also included are commentary by Collopy, quotes, letters and spiritual counsel by Mother Teresa and the daily prayers of the Missionaries of Charity. Anyone whose life has been affected by Mother Teresa's work will enjoy this book.

Missionaries of Charity
Mozina, Stacey    True Blue Friends

Come along for the fun as a pair of bluebirds take to the sky for a daring adventure. Let your heart be touched as they gain a new understanding of their friendship and find out what it means to become True Blue Friends. This 8.5 x 11 full color book is the perfect feel-good bedtime story. Children and adults alike will enjoy the charming characters that will make them laugh, and remind us all about the trials and joys of young friendship. Also includes the I Am a True Blue Friend poem, and a picture of the cover in black & white for children to color themselves. Suggested ages 5-8.

True Blue Friends
Phylos the Tibetan    A Dweller on Two Planets or the Dividing Way

Written in the style of a novel, the now Ascended Phylos directed the writing of this biographical story which spans millennia. The story opens in Atlantis and follows the karmic adventures of a young man of the time. It ends in more modern times with His final embodiment. This book is full of fascinating details about life and technology in Atlantean times and graphically depicts the laws of karma and the vagaries of the human adventure. Full of Ascended Master Teachings in an unusual format.

A Dweller on Two Planets
Pond, Dale    Universal Laws Never Before Revealed : Keely's Secrets - Understanding and Using the Science of Sympathetic Vibration

One hundred years ago, scientist / inventor / philosopher John Keely built various devices that were able to overcome gravity, tunnel through rock using a hand-held device, use acoustics to power engines, and create superconductivity by employing wires made of gold, silver and platinum. Almost lost, this book finally compiles ten years of research by the editor / author that explains the technology used. Understandable to the layman and useful to the most advanced researcher.

The physics of sympathetic vibrations is the unification of many different scientific, engineering and philosophical disciplines into a new paradigm. This science demonstrates the commonality that underlies all phenomena - vibration!

"The sympathetic vibratory force discovered by Keely will be quite sufficient to make him the greatest discoverer of this age." - H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, 1888

zero point energy
Prophet, Elizabeth Clare    The Lost Years of Jesus : On the Discoveries of Notovitch, Abhedananda, Roerich, and Caspari

The Gospels record Jesus age twelve in the temple. Then about age thirty at the river Jordan. That leaves approximately seventeen years unaccounted for. During those so-called lost years, the child "increased in wisdom and stature," as Luke wrote. But was it in the carpenter shop at Nazareth?

Lost Years of Jesus
Prophet, Elizabeth Clare and Mark L.    Lords of the Seven Rays

The Lords of the Seven Rays invite one to journey to their etheric Retreats in order to learn from past lives. Application of the Violet Flame to past life memories can adjust them until balance is restored. Saint Germain shows you the original blueprint of your Divine Plan that was imprinted upon your etheric body when you were conceived in the Heart of God. Thus, you learn another reason for reviewing your past lives one by one: it is to determine what portion of that Plan you have outpictured to date and what portion you have not. And you face the future with a hope based on the scientific knowledge that in your hands, by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, lies the power to change.

Keepers of the Flame
Prophet, Elizabeth Clare and Mark L.    Saint Germain on Alchemy : For the Adept in the Aquarian Age

In the eighteenth century, the "Wonderman of Europe" fulfilled the alchemist's dream of turning base metal into gold. Now the ancient secrets of the Ascended Master Saint Germain are revealed in order to externalize the Light within. Alchemy is a powerful method of transformation. In this greatest of all self-help books, Saint Germain reveals techniques to help you transform your life, your town, your planet. He tells you how you can harness Spiritual Energy, control your emotions and get rid of anxiety.

Includes sections on the mystical origins of America, and Saint Germain as the Wonderman of Europe. 117-page glossary of alchemical and spiritual terms.

Saint Germain on Alchemy
Prophet, Elizabeth Clare - with Erin Prophet    Reincarnation : The Missing Link in Christianity

A long time ago Christians believed in reincarnation. This groundbreaking work makes the case that Jesus taught reincarnation. The history of reincarnation in Christianity is traced - from Jesus and the early Christians through Church Councils and the persecution of so-called "heretics". Using the latest scholarship and evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic texts, it is argued that Jesus was a Mystic who taught that our Destiny is to unite with the Presence of God. Your view of Jesus - and of Christianity - may never be the same.

Prophet, Mark L.    The Answer You're Looking For Is Inside of You

In The Answer You're Looking For Is Inside of You, Mark Prophet weaves anecdotes from everyday life with universal truths to create a profound yet thoroughly enjoyable guide to spiritual growth. Mark Prophet, one of the great spiritual teachers of our time, had a unique approach to spirituality. He believed that our quest for meaning in life, though challenging, should be fun. And that we can often find the answers we're looking for in the most unlikely places. Spontaneous and engaging, this book leads us to those places - sources deep within and situations all around us that reveal untold opportunities for personal awakening. It offers fresh insights and practical techniques for self-mastery that you can immediately apply to your own life's journey.

A Commonsense Guide to Spiritual Growth
Prophet, Elizabeth Clare and Mark L. (compiled by Annice Booth)    The Masters And Their Retreats

The Great Lights that have come out of the world's spiritual traditions and graduated from earth's schoolroom are known as Ascended Masters. They demonstrate to us that in the world of Spirit, there is no division of race, religion or philosophy. What is not widely known about these great Masters is that they have Retreats - Temples and Cities of Light in the Heaven Realms that can be visited during spiritual meditation and while our bodies sleep at night. In this comprehensive work, the authors speak about these Masters, the stories of their lives and their incredible Retreats. More than 200 illustrations.

The Masters And Their Retreats
Saint Germain (Comte de St Germain)    Most Holy Trinosophia

The great illuminist, Rosicrucian, and Freemason who termed himself the Comte de St. Germain is one of the most baffling personalities of modern history. His activities are traceable for more than one hundred years between 1710 and 1822, leading Frederick the Great to refer to him as "the man who does not die." An outstanding scholar and linguist, a great musician and painter, as well as a chemist with skill so profound he could change base metals into gold, he was also enormously wealthy and was on intimate terms with the crowned heads of Europe. Saint Germain admitted he was obeying the orders of a Power higher than himself, saying that his father was the Secret Doctrine and his mother the Mysteries.

This unusual work was prepared for the instruction of Saint Germain's own disciples in the cabalistic, hermetic, and alchemical mysteries. The original manuscript is housed in the Bibliotheque de Troyes in France. Manly P. Hall's commentary will be of interest to anyone seeking to know more about this intriguing figure of our past. Illustrated.

Holy Trinosophia
Saint Patrick    The Wisdom of St. Patrick

Of all the saints through the centuries, St. Patrick stands out as the most universally beloved--and the symbol of all that is Irish. Although much of his life has been shrouded in myth and legend, two of his important writings have survived. St. Patrick's voice speaks to us clearly and compellingly in these documents. And from the well of his thoughts, consolation and understanding can be drawn.

The Wisdom of St. Patrick celebrates the life and the spirit of this remarkable individual, revealing a powerful, charismatic man whose thoughts are just as relevant today as they were more than a millennium ago. Accessibly arranged by spiritual topics ranging from honesty and grace to faith and prayer, St. Patrick's own words are enriched by commentary on his life and times, contemplations that tie into issues of daily life, and a meaningful prayer relevant to each quoted passage. Nowhere has the wisdom of St. Patrick been so eloquently presented. This wonderful volume is a treasury of inspiration that will be a cherished gift, not only for the saint's feast day, but for every day of the year as well.

Saint Patrick
Saint Th�rese of Lisieux    The Story of a Soul : The Autobiography of St. Th�rese of Lisieux

This study edition is designed to assist contemporary readers to apply the spiritual insights of Story of a Soul to their lives. It provides introductions, reflections and discussion questions for each chapter of the text. Shortly before her transition, Th�rese Martin predicted that her "Little Way" to holiness would be an inspiration for countless people. Time has proved Th�rese's prediction to be true. Since its publication, Story of a Soul has been translated into over fifty languages. It is acknowledged to be one of the great spiritual testimonies of all times and has inspired millions of readers from all walks of life.

St. Teresa
Singleton, Bob    The I AM Discourses by the Ascended Master Bob Singleton
                - Volume 12 of the Saint Germain Series

Bob Singleton, the young mining engineer who was the manager of Mr. Rayborn's mine in The Magic Presence, raised his body into the Ascension. As the Ballards visited local student groups throughout America in 1937-39, Beloved Ascended Master Bob Singleton dictated these twelve Discourses through the Messenger, Guy W. Ballard (now the Ascended Master Godfre).

Ascended Master Bob Singleton
Sinnett, A. P.    The Mahatma Letters

A collection of the famous series of letters (many of which were precipitated) from Master Morya and Kuthumi before Their Ascensions - to A. P. Sinnett - during a critical trial period of The Theosophical Society.

Mahatma Letters
Spalding, Baird T.    Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (6 volume set)

Classic best sellers since 1924. Baird Spaulding�s description of Far East travels and encounters with the Masters have played an important role in introducing to the Western world the knowledge that there are many Masters who are assisting and guiding the destinies of mankind.

  • Volume 1 - The author records experiences with the Masters, skillfully weaving teachings on karma, reincarnation, healing, Cosmic Energy and levitation into an astonishing personal narrative. Volume 1 includes an introduction to the Master Emil, the "Temple of Silence", astral projections, the snowmen of the Himalayas, and new light on the Teachings of Jesus.
  • Volume 2 - This volume continues with Teachings of the Masters, and the author covers the following subjects: Jesus discusses the nature of hell and God, the mystery of thought vibrations, and an account of a healing experience.
  • Volume 3 - This volume includes: the nature of Cosmic Energy, the creation of the planets and the worlds, explaining the mystery of levitation and One of the Masters speaks of the Christ Consciousness.
  • Volume 4 - Transcribed lectures and talks given by Mr. Spaulding.
  • Volume 5 - Transcribed lectures and talks given by Mr. Spaulding.
  • Volume 6 - The material in this book was discovered forty years after the other books were published.
Masters of the Far East
Tame, David    Beethoven & the Spiritual Path

This book was intended for the average reader with an interest in things spiritual / mystical. "Music," said Beethoven, "should strike fire from a man." Other musical commentaries have not sufficiently brought out the fundamentally metaphysical nature of Beethoven's music. Still fewer biographies point to the essentially spiritual nature of his life.

Tame, David    Real Faeries : True Accounts of Meetings with Nature Spirits

Outside of the prevailing western culture and its largely reductionist-materialistic scientific worldview, there may be no other society on earth that has not accepted the reality of fairies or nature spirits.

Tame, David    The Secret Power of Music : The Transformation of Self and Society Through Musical Energy

This book is a wake-up call to society on the destructive effects of modern music, and conversely, the healing power of the more traditional forms.

Power of Music
Yogananda    Autobiography of a Yogi

Autobiography of a Yogi is at once a beautifully written account of an exceptional life and a profound introduction to the ancient science of Yoga and its time-honored tradition of meditation. With engaging candor, eloquence, and wit, Paramahansa Yogananda tells the inspiring chronicle of his life: the experiences of his remarkable childhood, encounter with many saints and sages during his youthful search throughout India for an illumined teacher, ten years of training in the hermitage of a revered yoga master, and the thirty years that he lived and taught in America. Also recorded here are his meetings with Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Luther Burbank, the Catholic stigmatist Therese Neumann, and other celebrated spiritual personalities of East and West. The author describes some of the subtle yet definite laws behind both the ordinary events of everyday life and the extraordinary events commonly termed miracles. His absorbing life story becomes the background for a penetrating and unforgettable look at the ultimate mysteries of human existence. One of the highlights is his encounter with the Beloved Master Babaji.


Great Central Sun Angels

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