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The Ancient Science and Art of
Pranic Healing

by Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Healing book cover

This is an easy to follow manual in using Vital Energy to heal simple ailments. It gives simple instructions on self-healing, distant healing, invocative healing, and pranic breathing.

Learn to heal yourself and assist others in their healing process using cleansing and energizing techniques with the use of ordinary prana. It involves simple scanning techniques to sense the abnormalities of the chakras and the aura, and then correcting it with the use of the hands. It teaches how to heal simple to moderately difficult ailments at close-range or even at a remote distance in a simple, easy-to-learn method. Even at this basic level, healers are taught techniques to detoxify and avoid contamination from patients and not be drained of energy. This level teaches the functions of the aura and 11 major chakras.

This book gives an excellent introduction to Pranic Healing. The author gives good background information on the concepts of Prana and chakras. The next few chapters talk about the various Pranic Healing techniques, and how to heal some diseases. The chapter on "The Meditation on Twin Hearts" is highly recommended to achieve relaxation and good health.

"Meditation on Twin Hearts" is an advanced technique of illumination. It is a special meditation to open the loving kindness of the heart chakra and the universal love of the crown chakra. Most people who practice this technique for months experience more enhanced intuition, sharper intelligence and more loving and peaceful lives. It is a must foresoteric students, yogis, or healers for the safe awakening of the kundalini and Sacred Powers latent in man.

This book is excellent as an introductory and reference book on Pranic Healing techniques. For more advanced information, read Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy by the same author. They give more detailed information on healing illnesses.

pranic healing

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Pranic Healing"

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