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Excerpts from "Advanced Pranic Healing"

Divine Healing is the use of Divine Energy for Healing. The ultimate Source of Divine Healing Energy is God - Who is the Source of all Life. The Divine Healing Energy passes from God through Higher Beings, Holy Masters, Saints, and Healing Angels, then to the healer, then to the patient's etheric, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. The Healing Energy may also be passed directly from the God Presence of the healer to the patient. Divine Healing is practiced in various religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Baha'i, Judaism, Hinduism, and others. No single religion has a monopoly on Divine Healing. Divine Healing is a higher form of pranic healing.

Divine Healing Energy is seen as Electric Violet Light or brilliant White Light. Divine Energy has the properties of all the color pranas. In general, Divine Energy is used for treating severe ailments, not simple ailments. To use Divine Energy for treating simple ailments is like using diamonds instead of coal as fuel. Divine Healing is usually used when the healer has to treat many patients with simple or severe ailments in a short time.


Electric Violet Light has a Consciousness of Its own. It knows where to go and what to do. For example, if the Divine Energy is projected to the ajna chakra (third eye chakra), It will go to the affected chakras and the affected parts. Diseased energy will be expelled. Over-activated chakras will be inhibited. Under-activated chakras will be activated. Organs that are weak will be strengthened. Organs that are inflamed will be soothed.


Divine Healing Energy is very powerful but also very subtle. For rapid healing to occur, the patient has to be very receptive. If the patient is not so receptive, then healing will be slow. But if the patient is not receptive at all, then he or she will not be healed. The healer may project a lot of Electric Violet Light, but this Energy will not be assimilated unless the patient is receptive and wants to get well. If the patient is not so receptive, it is better to use ordinary white prana or ordinary color pranas. They are more effective with patients who are not so receptive since they are grosser than Electric Violet Light.

The receptivity of the patients can be enhanced by silently or verbally reciting the "Affirmation for Receptivity":

"Lord, You are the Source and Fountain of all life, I humbly invoke Your Divine Blessing and Healing. I fully accept Your Divine Healing Energy, with gratitude and in full faith."

Repeat three times.             


Crown-hand chakras technique is used for projecting Divine Energy. As a healer becomes more powerful, it is necessary for him to lightly touch his heart chakra with one hand to soften the projected Divine Energy. Otherwise, the patient may weaken or may even faint.


For healers who are quite powerful and whose antahkarana or spiritual root ("crystal cord" or "silver cord") is bigger than the head, it is better to use the forehead chakra as the source chakra for Electric Violet Pranic Energy than the crown chakra. This technique is called forehead-hand chakras technique. For very powerful healers, the use of the forehead chakra as the source chakra is milder, safer, and more effective. The use of the crown chakra as the source chakra by very powerful healers is overwhelming to the patient's body and will produce a slower rate of healing. When using the forehead-hand chakras technique, it is still necessary to touch the heart chakra with one hand.


Before healing, it is advisable for the healer to silently pray:

"Lord, You are the Source and Fountain of all life, I humbly invoke Divine Guidance, Divine Healing, and Divine Protection, with gratitude and in full faith."

The healer may also invoke the Divine Blessing of Archangels, great Prophets or Avatars, Saints, your Spiritual Teacher, Angels, and Healing Ministers for help and healing.

"Through my Spiritual Teacher, the Healing Angels, and the Healing Ministers, I humbly invoke Divine Guidance, Divine Healing, and Divine Protection, with gratitude and in full faith."

After the healing, the healer should silently give thanks:

"Lord, Thank you for Your Divine Blessing. To my Spiritual Teacher, the Healing Angels, and Healing Masters, thank you for Your help and for the healing."

The healer may use other prayers or improvise prayers for healing and thanksgiving.


Electric Violet Light can be used for cleansing and energizing directly the affected chakras and parts. The upper chakras are more responsive to the Electric Violet Energy than the lower chakras. In general, especially with grosser patients, the lower chakras are usually not responsive to the Electric Violet Light if energized directly.

The heart chakra, through the back heart chakra, can be used as an entry point for the Electric Violet Light to go to the different parts of the body. The healer energizes the back heart chakra with Electric Violet Light and visualizes the Divine Energy spreading to all parts of the body, with emphasis on the affected chakra(s) and the affected part(s). A powerful healer may rapidly project a tremendous amount of the Electric Violet Light by hitting the patient's back heart chakra with the healer's palm.

The crown chakra, forehead chakra, or ajna chakra can also be used as an entry for the Electric Violet Light. The projection of Divine Energy can be done slowly or rapidly. If projected rapidly, the patient may become dizzy or may faint. This is why in charismatic healing or in faith healing, some healers may project a tremendous amount of Divine Energy by lightly touching or hitting with the palm the ajna chakra or forehead chakra of the patients - causing them to faint.


The Divine Healing Energy is transferred from the soul of the healer to the soul of the patient, then to the patient's etheric and physical bodies. This is seen as a flood of Electric Violet Light or brilliant White Light coming down, thereby rapidly cleansing and energizing the whole body.

  1. Silently say a short prayer requesting Divine Healing Energy and Divine Protection.
  2. Instruct the patient to silently recite the "Affirmation for Receptivity."
  3. Visualize brilliant White Light or Electric Violet Light descending from above - down to the patient's crown chakra and spreading to all parts of the body.
  4. Mentally instruct the Divine Healing Energy to remain with the patient until It has been fully utilized by his body.
  5. Repeat treatment several times a week for as long as necessary.


A powerful healer can heal patients en masse with Divine Healing Energy.

  1. Silently ask for Divine Blessing, Divine Healing, and Divine Protection.
  2. Instruct the patients to silently or verbally recite the "Affirmation for Receptivity."
  3. Concentrate simultaneously on your crown chakra and the heart chakra. Divine Healing Energy is drawn from above - down to the crown chakra, projected out through the front heart chakra, then through the hands.
  4. Simultaneously visualize all the patients bathing in a sea of brilliant White Light or Electric Violet Light. This is done for several minutes.


"Almighty God, Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, and the Blessed Ones from the Healing Temples of Heaven, release Your Mighty Cosmic Rays that are doing God's Work throughout the atmosphere of earth.

Let those Currents blaze through these hands to Heal and Bless this body! ((1))

In the Name of the Ascended Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary, ((2)) I command the complete removal and consuming of the causes and cores of the limitations and diseases in this body ((1)) by the Violet Flame ((4)) of Divine Love from God's Heart!

In the Name I AM THAT I AM, I call upon the Holy Spirit to Guide and Guard this dear one to prevent these causes and cores from being recreated!"

Repeat after me:


Jesus with Dove Mary's Immaculate Heart

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  1. Use "these bodies" if serving as an instrument of Divine Healing for more than one person at a time.
  2. For the added momentum of Divine Power, Wisdom, and Love, you can add any of the Names of God (The Mighty I AM Presence, El Shaddai, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Allah, Brahman, etc.), or the Name of an Individualization of Cosmic Love, such as Archangel Gabriel, Elohim Astrea, Krishna, Maha Chohan, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Padre Pio, Saint Germain, or another Ascended Master.
  3. Use "these dear ones" if more than one person is being ministered to.
  4. The Violet Flame is that aspect of the Sacred Fire ("Our God is a Consuming Fire", Deuteronomy 4:24, Hebrews 12:29) that is the Seventh Ray activity of Mercy, Forgiveness, Transmutation, and Freedom.

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