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The World Mother

Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich

by Geoffrey Hodson

Let us assume that there is a Being Who embodies in the highest perfection all the highest attributes of the Feminine Aspect, both of the Creative Deity and the human race, including human motherhood. As such an all-compassionate One gazes with infinite tenderness and concern upon life on Earth, what would She see? She would see a frankly ruthless and nakedly cynical violation and a desecration by man of everything holy and beautiful for which She stands. She must see everywhere throughout the world irreverence, abuse, cruelty, the continual infliction of unnecessary suffering by man upon man and the animal kingdom. If it were not that She must also be able to comprehend and see this epoch as a phase out of which there will grow a nobler, fairer, kinder and more gentle civilization, surely Her heart would be unbearably torn by what She must see. If, out of love for us, She voluntarily remains nears to humanity, She is not only an outside observer, not only a great Spirit removed from us, but in a mysterious way She is actually present in our hearts and within the hearts of every woman and child especially, what an almost unbearable experience such nearness to us is were it not for the beauty also present in us and the knowledge and power She possesses.

Beyond human understanding, She is the perfected embodiment of all that is highest and noblest in womanhood. Her heart is filled with love and compassion for all, and while She sees our sins, She does not condemn us. Rather She draws near to enfold us in Her Arms of Love, even while we transgress. Do you remember the saying of St. Catherine of Sienna when for a time she had lost contact with her Lord, and in her own eyes had fallen so deeply? She asked, "Lord, where wast Thou amidst all that failure?" And in what is called the mystic locution in which the devotee communes with God and hears His voice, He answered "Daughter, I was there with you in thy heart." So She, the Mother of the World, is here. with us in our hearts, as well as brooding maternally over humanity.

Remember that all wickednesses are voluntary and deliberate. The infliction of the greatest possible disaster to one's fellows and to animals to bring gain for oneself is deliberately chosen as a way of life and a means of profit; for these are some of the phenomena of the particular phase of evolution through which mankind is now passing. Most people go on living their every day life as Thoreau said, "in quiet desperation." So we see the ghostly, tragic comedy that is being performed on the international, national, political and economic stage where our fate is being decided and find ourselves relatively helpless. No wonder that cynicism attacks both the old and the young.

But let us turn again in reverence to Her to Whom many movements and lives have been dedicated, that "Exquisite Jewel" in the Hierarchy of the great Adepts of our Earth, the World Mother, the Star of the Sea. She seeks those who will help Her; for She needs human agents and human helpers who will most especially live in Her Presence. Whilst women specially represent Her, men also serve Her as knights amongst men, with chivalry in their hearts towards every woman, ready in their lives to protect them, their honor dearer than their own. She needs men of honor ever ready to fight for the weak and the exploited and to guard with knightly fealty all women and children. Unhappily mankind tends to forget the ideals of chivalry, save for those who are still knightly in their nature.

She, the World Mother, needs such agents who set the tone of human relationships and need not always be molded and overpowered by the influences brought to bear upon them. It has been written that "not till woman bursts the bonds of her sexual slavery, to which she has ever been subjected, will the world obtain an inkling of what she really is and of her proper place in the economy of nature."

Meditate upon Her, try to draw near to Her, consecrate life to Her, and, whether man or woman, serve Her. Try to learn a little about what the Feminine Aspect of Deity is really like in its all-enclosing Wisdom and all-conserving and all-enfolding Love. Perform each our vigil before an altar not made with hands, upon which the will and thought are placed in dedication, is in the "vigil" used throughout the night in preparation for the service to the king and queen as knights at their court.

She who was Mary (or Miriam), the mother of Jesus 2,000 years ago, saintly, pure, devoted, cared for Him through all His Life up to the great tragedy by which it was closed. Jesus was murdered lest He should disturb and even break the power of the priests. Was it not wonderful that before He went He thought of the two whom He loved so much and said to Her, "Woman, behold thy son!" Then to the disciple John He said, "Behold thy mother!" And thus He left them to console and to heal each other.

The Lord Christ Himself is said to have crowned Her Queen of the Angels, Mother of the World for this, His period of office as Teacher of Angels and of Men. Such is one view, one tradition concerning Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Is it not worth while to be associated, however impersonally, with such an ideal and with such a work as Hers? Her blessing will rest upon those of us who contribute to the best of our ability that this, Her Work, will not only live on and prosper but that it will from this day henceforth enter on a new and still greater era of activity in Her name, which is the Name of Compassion, Wisdom and Universal Love.

Great Central Sun Angels

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