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Predictions & Prophesies
What should you do?

by a Student on the Path

I have kept myself aware of the various predictions and "warnings" that have been circulating around. Some may have some validity, but most do not (such as the outrageous ones from Father Andrew C. Wingate, of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church, who claims Maitreya is the "Antichrist").

Remember, you must keep things in perspective. Knowing what are the dire possibilities (or even the probabilities) should be an impetus to ACTION - not to hopelessness! Invoke the Fearlessness Flame from the Heart and Causal Body Momentum of Beloved Ray-O-Light! Call forth the Sword of Fearlessness Flame!

Never forget Who you really are: an Immortal Individualization of God Life experiencing a temporary human embodiment. You are a student of the Ascended Masters' Teachings, and you are learning to develop Mastery in the use of the Powers of the Sacred Fire.

Saint Germain has repeatedly stated that the greatest Power the Teachings give the student is the use of DIVINE LOVE! We have been instructed to send DIVINE LOVE as a Presence to go forth and fulfill the necessary action of transmuting darkness, fanaticism, terrorism and selfishness into LIGHT, ILLUMINATION, and LOVE!

Saint Germain has taught us to ONLY take cognizance of the ACTIVE PRESENCE OF GOD LOVE! Do not give acceptance to any outer sense of imperfection or appearance of limitation. If you want to be of assistance to any part of life that is in danger or in a state of suffering, then send DIVINE LOVE to that part of life.

Do not accept appearances (or predictions) less than Perfection. That is Saint Germain's Instruction.

Stand up tall and enthusiastically utilize the Power of your Presence and the Light of the Ascended Host to expand the borders of the Kingdom of God - to expand the Perfection of the Ascended Master Octave into the physical Earth planes. That is your responsibility as a Son or Daughter of God that has put on their Mantle of Christhood. That is your Glorious Opportunity! Affirm PERFECTION, accept PERFECTION, and be unmoved by any limited appearance!

Remember that the LAW of the PRESENCE is PERFECTION. Be your Mighty I AM Presence in Action!

Hold the Vision of a Great and Glorious Future! Remember the Words of Beloved Immaculata on December 31, 2001:

"I say to you in the strongest possible terms that the Earth today is in great need of you. The Earth needs the action of the Sacred Fire that only you can invoke by your free will, and by holding within the Third-Eye Vision of your own conscious awareness this Perfect Visualization of the Earth and of the Golden Age already established. When you do so, you connect directly with the Great Magnet of the Heart of Alpha and Omega. You accelerate God Light in the Earth and step up the timetable wherein all will be enabled to partake of this Golden Age."

Great Central Sun Angels

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