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Mother Teresa and Princess Diana

Mother Mary Speaks About Princess Diana

"I have come to speak to you this day in the role of the Mother. For who but a Mother who has experienced loss could best describe how one can experience loss, but rejoice in Gladness simultaneously?

"This week the world has experienced the loss and the pain associated with two lifestreams. The peoples of the world have become so very enamored with these two lifestreams who have gained their respect, their love, their adoration.

"I have come to rejoice with you in their passing, and to explain further a greater awareness associated with this time and cycle for their life. A Princess who had become the desire of the heart of all who might know her - to share her goodness, her glad tidings, her joy, her infinite love of Life. She was the example to all, and to many of a high attainment - of a Path walked, not always in comfort, not always without pain, but in dignity, in honesty, and in love. Her lifestream accomplished a great work in this embodiment, and she has greater work yet to do.

"The love and adoration of her lifestream, so poured out by millions, has been taken to the Higher Octaves of Light as a result of this Messenger's calls for the requalification of every erg of energy for her greater work. For she will spend a time in the Inner Octaves preparing for another cycle at a time when it will be of great import, not only for her lifestream, but for mankind - for her to come into embodiment again.

"She carries a great momentum within her Causal Body of lifetimes of Service in the Light. We are Grateful for this Daughter of Light, and We cherish her in the Inner Octaves and Retreats, and Protect and Guide her in this time.

"Her transition was a timely transition, beloved hearts. For it was through the dictates of her dharma, her karma, and the Light of her Causal Body that she was called home at this time.

"It is a great Joy that the Good that she was accomplishing in this lifetime will not be forgotten, and will be remembered in the hearts of young and old alike - who walk every 'Station of the Cross' of their own path. For she truly showed an example in many cases of keeping to the Path and dictates of Love. Her example will be a mark that will change many others on the screen of Life. . . . "

Beloved Mary, the Mother of Jesus
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   September 7, 1997, U.S.A.   (1)

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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

  1. The Temple of The Presence ®   Copyright © 1998 The Temple of The Presence ®

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Great Central Sun Angels

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