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Wings of Light
Know the Truth of Your Own Existence

by V. F. Angelday

Wings of Light

Are you happy? I KNOW you WANT to be, because that is the natural, innate desire within ALL life! You CAN BE, you know, and THIS IS THE SEASON for it! Nature all around us is such a les­son to us all. Everything beneath and about us is joyously com­ing into a new expression of its being and just as fast as the life within it will allow, is "springing up" toward more light. The plant life, released, at last, from the binding hold of the dark earth around it, exerts the pressure of the energy of its being, FROM WITHIN ITSELF, and with all its might, breaks through the substance that surrounds it and finds the REASON FOR ITS BEING in THE LIGHT. Then, with one-pointed earnestness and relentless determination, it turns all the power of its nature into bringing into outer manifestation that reason for its being!

Now, when I say "happy," I mean a constant feeling of quiet, content, deep within the heart, a feeling of SECURITY AND CERTAINTY, a feeling of masterful control over your world and affairs that NOTHING CAN DISTURB. I do not mean those flash­ing moments that, fortunately, in the great mercy of life, come to us all, when there is a temporary surcease from pain and distress, or a momentary relaxation from the strain and struggle for exis­tence. But for those merciful "moments," life could not even be sustained in a physical body. The Western world today has be­come a constant "drive" to obtain the mere necessities of life — shelter, clothing and food. Most daily lives have become a "wild" scramble to obtain that which simply enables us to exist and stay in a physical body long enough to fill the span of time allotted us for an embodiment.

Everyone is seeking happiness in one way or another, through persons, places, conditions and things, as is evidenced by the tremendous financial resources of the amusement world, beauty shops, pleasure cards, etc., and the RUSH with which everyone seems to be going somewhere. People "tear" to their work and "tear" home again, rushing to make their trains and other means of transportation. There may be another train along in just a few minutes, but THEY HAVE TO MAKE THE FIRST ONE for no special reason or definite plan as to what they will do with those EXTRA FEW MINUTES, when they do arrive at their destination. Now, life is a stream of constantly-flowing energy and each one who uses it is responsible for its use, every atom of it, and NO ONE and NO ATOM ever escapes!

Did you ever watch a busy highway, with the ceaseless flow of cars upon it — many, many of them going just as fast as the law will allow (sometimes faster, until they are caught), winding in and out of traffic, with but one desire — to "get ahead" of every­body else up front. Stop any one of those cars, if you can, and ask the man behind the wheel WHERE he is going. Very often you will get the reply, "Oh, nowhere in particular, just out for a drive!" Now, as a matter of fact, that one is speaking more truly than he knows, for, in reality, HE IS NOT DOING THE DRIVING! It is the restlessness of the energy around his own body that is doing the driving. He is simply trying to get AWAY FROM HIMSELF and the uncomfortable pressure of discordantly-quali­fied energy, so qualified by his own thought and feeling.

Now, how do we remedy this? There is always a way pro­vided by the Law of Life, God's Great Goodness and Forgiving Love, to correct every unsatisfactory and imperfect condition. That way lies right within one's physical self. "BE STILL and know THAT I AM GOD!" No one and no thing can ever be per­manently happy until they do know this, until they know TRUTH, particularly the TRUTH of their own existence — who they are, why they are here, from whence they came, and where they are go­ing. Only the knowledge of THAT TRUTH brings peace and that sense of inner security of which we have spoken, that can never be disturbed by the constant, shifting scenes and conditions of our daily experience. That which is here today may be gone to­morrow and who, in the outer consciousness, can guarantee you protection against that change?

There is only ONE PLACE to which you can go which will NEVER CHANGE. That is "The Secret Place of the Most High" within every beating heart — the Presence and the Anchorage of Life (God) within your physical form, ever-present, always ready to acknowledge attention toward it instantly, to hear and answer every call, no matter how silently or feebly it may be made.

Legions of Angels of God's Holy Truth attend each gentle reader, illumine him, protect him, supply him with ALL GOOD and give him instant and eternal PEACE! So be it!

The Bridge to Freedom Journal, December 1952

Great Central Sun Angels

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