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Students of the Ascended Masters have been familiar with the Creative Power of the Threefold Flame of God within each Heart that is released by each person's thoughts and feelings - both consciously and unconsciously. Saint Germain was quoted by Guy Ballard in Unveiled Mysteries as saying in August of 1930: "It is very important to realize fully that God's intent for every one of His children is abundance of every good and perfect thing. He created Perfection and endowed His children with exactly the same Power. . . . Love and praise of that Great Self within — and the attention maintained focused upon Truth, health, freedom, peace, supply, or any other thing that you may desire for a right use — persistently held in your conscious thought and feeling — will bring them into your use and world, as surely as there is a Great Law of Magnetic Attraction in the Universe. The Eternal Law of Life is that — 'Whatever you think and feel, you bring into form; where your thought is, there you are — for you are your consciousness, and whatever you meditate upon, you become.'" However, if used for the aggrandizement of the human ego, and not for the furtherance of one's Divine Plan and with a motive of Love for God in all of life, then the results are greater bondage and limitations. - Allen Buresz

“The Secret” is in fact “No Secret”

by Mitch Battros – ECM/ECTV

Mitch Battros

February 14, 2007

The theme of this “secret” is quickly discovered in its promotions. "Make more money." "Lose weight." "Fall in love." "Land your dream job." Sound familiar? Yes I know, rather disappointing isn’t it? What has been promoted as some mystical knowledge from our ancient ancestors is really nothing more than a very cleaver scheme to trick you by playing on your sincere desire for knowledge and discovery.

Take a look at this sensationalized promotion:

“The Secret has existed throughout the history of humankind. It has been discovered, coveted, suppressed, hidden, lost and recovered. It has been hunted down, stolen, and bought for vast sums of money. Now for the first time in history, The Secret is being revealed to the world over two breathtaking hours.”

How people get away with this is beside me. And what a slap-in-the-face to our true ancestors and ancient wisdom. Folks, there is nothing “hidden, lost, or recovered” in this very well known understanding. What you have been handed comes from a carefully planed strategy of deception. It is the theme of “trickery” that puts a very sour taste in my mouth. How about you? Do you favor this type of circus show ‘step-right-up’ ploy on matters of spirit? How many of you thought “The Secret” was something unknown and/or just discovered? Well don’t feel alone, no doubt you are in the company of thousands who thought they were ‘getting in’ on “The Secret”.

The Truth about "The Secret" - - - - there is no such thing.

Although I am a Catholic, Christian, and believer in trinity faith, I have also been practicing Metaphysics for over 20 years. The core of metaphysical beliefs is that we (humans) are empowered to create our reality. Those most advanced are believed to be able to “manifest upon thought”. In other words, what they would hold in belief was brought forth and made to reality. There is NOTHING secret about this.

If you want to know “The Secret”, simply go to any one of thousands of metaphysical churches around the nation and world. Science of Mind, Church of Today, Unity, Religious Science, Divine Science to name a few. Simply look online or your phone book for the church nearest you.

Did you know the extremely successful 12 step foundation known as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), was based in beliefs from the Oxford Group, a metaphysical organization? Oxford Group and AA:

Metaphysical thought has been around since before Jesus. Some believe it is more closely based with ‘eastern philosophy’ which emphasizes the spiritual laws such as the law of cause and effect, the law of attraction, the law of manifestation, and what is believed to be the highest law - - - the law of grace. None of this is new, and it is certainly NOT a ‘Secret’.

Here is a list of the pioneers of New Thought metaphysics. You will quickly find ‘The Secret” has always been ‘No Secret’ and practiced by millions around the world. But remember, just because we believe in certain truisms, does not mean we can always effectively apply them. But that is what faith and works is all about - - - - - -

Look up the books and teachings of the following people and you will have --- “The Secret”

Emmet Fox

Mary Baker Eddy

James Allen

Charles R. Fillmore

Emma Curtis Hopkins

As most of you know I would usually not emphasis my particular beliefs and I do not necessarily represent the beliefs of anyone associated with Earth Changes Media. We welcome all beliefs and are 'secular' in our approach. Our main emphasis is on mainstream science and its undeniable connection to our ancestors and ancient wisdom.

Best wishes on your personal journey and thank you for allowing ECM to be a part of your search for the truth and expanded wisdom.


February 15, 2007

Just as expected, my last article touched a nerve with some people on both sides of the issue. Good. More people are thinking and talking about crucial principals. The vast majority of you were quick to apply my sentiments directed towards the “promoters” which in this case “are the producers”. Others got sidetracked and took my message to be directed towards the “content”.

As mentioned, I too practice many beliefs and faiths, one of which is metaphysics. My mentors (elders) are as concerned as I am of what will most likely be “unintended consequences” as a result of “pushing, marketing, pedaling, selling, advertising, tantalizing, manipulating, and in this case ‘tricking’ people into participating. I would suggest a spiritual concept is NEVER intended for all people. No religion or faith is intended for the masses. It is a very personal journey which most often comes as a means of attraction, NOT promotion. In this very principal lies the problem, not the solution for publicity.

A common response for those who wrote in disagreement with my previous article was as follows: “So what if they were tricked, deceived, and manipulated into watching ‘The Secret’, it is for their own good.”

How many of you would agree with the above statement? If you do agree with such tactics, when would you use it? 1) Only on occasion 2) Sometimes 3) Many times 4) NEVER

Again I say, this non-secret known as metaphysics only works as a program of “attraction” NOT “promotion”. Here is what I believe will be a very unfortunate result due to the allowed techniques of what I must call shameless and self-seeking promoters.

Have you ever been to see a motivational speaker or evangelist? Or buy their tapes? My oh my, one could walk on water after hearing a Tony Robbins or Robert Schuller type super-charged motivational talk. But what happens after just 24 hours or three days or three weeks? 50% drop off the next day, another 30% drop off by the end of the first week. In the end, maybe 1% to 3% continue to practice.

Why does this happen? What is it that keeps us from “implementing” the principals? I’ll give you a hint….it has to do with what Emmet Fox calls “mental equivalent”. This is to say ‘our conditioning’ or programming is what limits us. In the science field and mental health discipline, we are driven or addicted by our system of “neuro-pathways”. It is how we see/interact in our world. If one has repeated negative experiences in one or many areas, it may be due to “cognitive dissonance”. This is to say our vision (perception) does not match outcomes. Yes, almost exactly like a computer program. It goes along the lines of GIGO, an old computer term which means – ‘Garbage In – Garbage Out’.

The law of ‘mental equivalent’ suggests one could be showered with gifts and money, but if they do not have the ‘mental equivalent’ to accept such, it will do more harm than good. I would suggest researching Emmet Fox as a wonderful source who has a special talent of explaining such. Emmet Fox:

Most Americans, really most everybody, looks for a “quick fix”, “the secret knowledge”, or “the magical pill” that will change their life. As we know, there is no such thing. It will occur on an individual basis and none of us know what that will be for each person. I think we can all agree----there is no “one” truth. There are many truths.

Going back just a few years, I use to add the following to almost every article. Maybe it is time to go back to this affirmation in my future ones.

“Do not follow my truth, follow your truth. Seek and you shall find. Find what? Your Truth! Use your gift of discernment; we are coming into the prophesized times of accelerated myths, deceptions, and false prophets. And remember, just because I speak with passion and conviction does not make it “the truth”, it only makes it “my truth”. (mitch battros)

If there were to be a so-called secret, maybe it would be closer to the following: "we are all just kind of guessing". This understanding is unbelievably powerful. It tells us there is no “magic anything” or “it’s all magic”. It opens our minds to limitless possibilities. Why? Because we know there is no format, no template, no defined parameters. To use an example: It is just the opposite of Rush Limbaugh’s book “The Way Things Ought to Be”. No folks, it was not just a catch phrase, he really meant if you are to measure up, you must look and think like this. Scary isn't it. -- I say there is no “one way”, and we are truly all just kind of guessing at what it is suppose to look like.

Here is another example of my meaning. I believe it was Forbes magazine, one published in the mid 80’s. It asked 10 questions to the 100 richest men in the world. One of the questions brought an answer which had the largest similarity from all 100 men. It was the answer to the question: "What is your greatest fear?" The majority of these men said basically the same thing----Answer: “a fear of being found out”. Wow, this is powerful stuff. They feared we would find out they are no different than any of us. They have no magic wand, no magical insight of human kind, no hidden secret that only they knew. It was the not knowing, which lead them to knowing. What did he just say? :-)

However, it also came out that they did indeed have a most powerful knowledge. It was the knowledge that “you didn’t have the answers either”. That’s right, they knew that you were ‘just kind of guessing as well’. This allowed them to create whatever they could hold in their dreams. So if there is a so-called secret, I would say maybe this is it----

Here is what I see happening as a result of this trickery and manipulation used for the promoting of ‘The Secret’ (which is not). For those that are new to metaphysical principals, will no doubt view this as the ‘miracle cure’ and their life will change. Here is the exact promotional propaganda ‘The Secret’ is using to sell their DVD’s.

"Make more money." "Lose weight." "Fall in love." "Land your dream job."

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it--- Well of course it does, and for the millions of you (and myself) who actually bought a product with the very same sales pitch were thoroughly disappointed. Why? Because it only works for those in which it fits at that moment, and in that way. This adds up to about 1% to 3%. The rest of us 97%, are out of luck and out of our money.

For those of you who wrote-in saying: “the universal laws (metaphysics) are simple and anyone can do them.”

What you always leave out is the hard work and perseverance it takes to overcome ones personal conditioning. Yes, one loves to say “it is a simple program”. Yes simple, but No, not easy. It is extremely difficult to adhere to the universal laws. If this were not true, every single person in the world who knows even parts of metaphysics would be billionaires, living to be 150 years old, have the perfect marriage, living the perfect life and overwhelmingly happy in all areas of their lives. But that’s not the truth, now is it?

What I see happening as an unintended and unfortunate consequence, is the vast majority of people who will quickly learn their life will not change in the next two weeks or two months; therefore turning against “the product” that failed them. We will most likely hear statements such as: “That was a bunch of crap, it did nothing it said it would”. Yes, the very same statements you and I used when we bought that last promising item.

So do you believe the quote the promoters of The Secret published below will be productive, or self-defeating?

"The Secret has existed throughout the history of humankind. It has been discovered, coveted, suppressed, hidden, lost and recovered. It has been hunted down, stolen, and bought for vast sums of money. Now for the first time in history, The Secret is being revealed to the world over two breathtaking hours."

The above unfortunately is a "lie". Nothing was stolen, nothing was suppressed, nothing was just discovered, nothing was hidden, nothing was bought, nothing was lost, and most of all---this is Not The First Time in History. Lies, deception, manipulation and trickery. How one could not be upset at this ploy is beyond me.

Yes, I am truly concerned of what is likely to occur as it always does when sensationalized propaganda is used creating a backlash that is most likely ahead. But what really hurts me is the very real possibility of the stigma which may be attached to a truly wonderful method of life and knowledge known as metaphysics.



Global Warming?

Solar Rain : The Earth Changes Have Begun     by Mitch Battros

In most scientific journals a description of the Sun and a description of the Earth may go something like what you will see in the introductory chapter of the book. The Sun-Earth connection is not a new theory. It has long been known there is some method of relation between what happens on the Sun, and its slow methodical effect in the way of climate on Earth . . .

Solar Rain brilliantly lays out chapter by chapter a Sun-Earth causal effect which occurs within hours of its initial event. It develops so rapidly, that what happens on the Sun, can effect what happens on the Earth before many of you will finish the first three chapters. In the famous venue of the slow awakening giant, the world's solar scientists are playing ‘catch-up’ to a new (which is old) understanding of the symbiotic and closely knit relationship between what happens on the Sun, and what can cause almost immediate problems on Earth.

Solar Rain

Earth Sun Connection


Great Central Sun Angels

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