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The Requirement of the Hour

by Thomas Printz

The Dawning

All great world movements, religions and activities, ancient and modern, have been inspired by some member of the Great White Brotherhood, in cooperation with a spiritually-sensitive individual in physical embodiment at the time of its inception. The evolution of the individual outer expression of the God-ego from infancy to Spiritual Maturity, is the underlying purpose of all life experi­ence. The Great White Brotherhood is the Spiritual Representative of God's Will for the planet Earth, and, through its members, provides the stimulus toward God-development for the planet and its people, through the release of tremendous Cosmic Forces consciously directed and sustained in the lower atmosphere, where embodied man functions.

With the evolution of the race, the type of Spiritual Force re­quired changes. Just as in the growth of Nature, the seasons pro­vide the natural conditions most beneficial to its prolific ex­pression. You might consider the release of these Great Cosmic Outpourings like the playing of a Universal Symphony, each reli­gion or activity, with its constituents representing one chord or passage in the Great Whole.

To provide channels for the Release of these Rhythmic Pulsations, the Masters have inspired the founding of the various reli­gions and types of worship from the beginning of time, always designing the ceremonials and beliefs around the spiritual re­quirements of the age. The Master chooses those lifestreams who are, by nature and inclination, best suited to conduct the Spiritual Forces of that particular world hour, and these people, together with their spiri­tual leader, become a Radiating Center, through which the Cosmic Forces designed to bless the race, flow. This Force is absorbed by the souls of men and when that element is sufficiently provided, a new Center of Vital Forces is prepared, a new religion insti­tuted, and a different type of lifestream given an opportunity to become the conductor of world blessing.

Thus, each religion and faith is a rhythmic part of the Great Symphony, but it is regrettable that, although the Masters work in Perfect Harmony, the dispensers and recipients of Their Life Force are oftimes unable to recognize the unity of purpose behind the main chords of the universal song. Were the notes and themes in our musical compositions as unwilling to relinquish their place to the following chords, we would experience the same discords in musical expression that man has experienced through religious bigotry, intolerance, and misunderstanding.

The Master Musicians, playing through all the chords on the scene of modern spiritual endeavor, constantly work toward the blending of the various scores into a harmonious whole and the people of Earth, who are but a part of the Great Universal Song, would do well to emulate Them in their individual lives. In modern times, the Masters Kuthumi and Morya El were the pioneers, from the Higher Octaves, who succeeded in piercing the veil of human ignorance and convincing a certain number of mankind as to the actual existence of these Elder Brothers of the race, using the late Madame Blavatsky as their mouthpiece.

However, it is not enough that people become aware of the Living Presence of these Masters, but they must realize that these Emancipated Ones have dedicated themselves to the redemption of mankind through an awakening of the individual conscious­ness, which will bring liberation from every kind of human limi­tation, including disease, poverty, wars, and, yes, ultimately, even death itself. As, in all educational activities, it is logical to assume that there must be cooperation between student and Master. The old saying that "God helps him who helps himself" holds true in this instance, and when man is privileged to be shown God's Divine Plan for the Earth and its humanity, it would be the part of Wis­dom for him to enroll under the banner of These Great Benefactors and thus help to promote the speedy evolution of not only himself, but the planet and its inhabitants.

The Master Jesus told his disciples nearly two thousand years ago, "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now." (John 16:12). The Masters of Wisdom apparently consider (as per Their Revelations) that the man of today is mature enough to "bear" enough of Cosmic Truth as will enable him to open his mind to the more advanced Doctrine of the New Day, thus enabling him to step boldly through the Door of Knowledge and Enlightenment, into the Glory and Freedom of the prophesied Golden Age, the dawn of which is even now illumining the horizon of this too-dark world.

The time has arrived, therefore, when it is not sufficient in itself to accept the existence of the Masters of Wisdom; it is not sufficient to gratify the feeling nature in reading and re-reading Their Words; it is not sufficient to invoke the Light to dispel the darkness of human ignorance — THE NEED OF THE HOUR is to ap­ply what has been taught not only in recent years, but during the past centuries. THE NEED OF THE HOUR is to develop man's la­tent powers, in order to establish a direct and conscious contact with these Divine Teachers. THE NEED OF THE HOUR is for man to acquaint himself with the present activities of the Great White Brotherhood. THE NEED OF THE HOUR is for each man to turn Within, consciously contact and connect his outer con­sciousness with his own Christ Self, thus becoming, not only a receiving but a Radiating Center, to all the life he contacts in his daily living.

The Bridge to Freedom Journal, January 1953

Note:   The term "Great White Brotherhood" refers not to race but to the Aura of White Light that surrounds These Immortals, Who have risen from every race and walk of life. They are also known as the Great Brotherhood of Light.

Great Central Sun Angels

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