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On The Edge of Scientific Verification

by Mitch Battros

Solar Magnetics


What you are about to witness would have never been thought of until this very time. That’s just the way it works. One only needs to think back 10 or 20 years and ponder how many times you said “of course, why didn’t I think of that?” The reason is simple, it wasn’t time for it to manifest. After reading this three part article, I hope you experience yet another “of course, why didn’t I think of that?”

There are two major questions one has to ask regarding my assertion. Question number one. Does or does not magnetics (charged particles) affect humans? Question number two. Does or does not magnetics (charged particles) affect earth changes? The answer to both is of course --- yes.

In order to maintain credibility in the science community, one has to prove their theory. One method of doing so is by presenting ones work through the process of “peer review”. In a peer review presentation one has to show repeatability, consistency, applicable theoretical variability’s etc. This is a very important and necessary passage all scientific theory must pass. Our ancestors were no different. In the tribe, one had to prove themselves through a series of rituals, rights of passage, and was mentored by elders.

So lets take a look at the scientific data which proves what our ancestors have known for centuries. A time of transition is coming, but how will it unfold?

Question One: Does or does not magnetics (charged particles) effect humans?


Recently the medical community has been experimenting with high gauss magnetics placed on the Cranial for the treatment of physical and mental disorders. This new method is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). It is a noninvasive method to excite neurons in the brain. The excitation is caused by weak electric currents induced in the tissue by rapidly changing magnetic fields (electromagnetic induction). This way, brain activity can be triggered or modulated without the need for medications or surgery. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation is known as rTMS. TMS is a powerful tool in research and diagnosis for mapping out how the brain functions, and has shown promise for noninvasive treatment of a host of mood and personality disorders, including depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Initial studies suggest that TMS can exert a variety of both short- and long-term behavioral effects. On the optimistic side, they raise the possibility that focal modulation of cortical excitability can have therapeutic properties in psychiatric disorders and that TMS may prove informative about the anatomy and physiology of the neural systems involved in achieving therapeutic effects. At the clinical level, because its adverse-effect profile is so benign, TMS may ultimately offer a less-invasive alternative to already established somatic interventions for severe or treatment-resistant illnesses.

Question Two: Does or does not magnetics (charged particles) effect earth changes?

A research paper was published in several scientific journals in October. It shows previously unforeseen waves. In this study magnetic energy waves play a significant role in the escalation of severe weather. What this research suggests is “Jet Stream” manipulation which I attribute to charged particles emitted by the Sun. The study by research meteorologists, tell us something is causing straight-line winds, micro-burst, and wind-shears to escalate causing an already unstable atmosphere to strengthen leading to severe weather conditions.


Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

NASA recently released their research published in September which tells us weather on Earth has a surprising connection to space weather occurring high in the electrically-charged upper atmosphere, known as the ionosphere, according to new results from NASA satellites. The title alone: "First Global Connection Between Earth And Space Weather Found" indicates the excitement of this new revelation.

The ionosphere is formed by solar X-rays and ultraviolet light (charged particles) which break apart atoms and molecules in the upper atmosphere, creating a layer of electrically-charged gas known as plasma. The densest part of the ionosphere forms two bands of plasma close to the equator at a height of almost 250 miles. From March 20 to April 20, 2002, sensors on board NASA's Imager for Magnetopause to Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) satellite recorded these bands, which glow in ultraviolet light.

Nov 13, 2006        

Charged Particles' Effect on Animals and Humans

Perhaps yet another step which confirms "charged particles" of which the Mayans describe as "ether" from ancient text. Mayan elders tell us it will be celestial magnetic flux which will usher in the current and ongoing "transition" into what they describe as the "5th world".

In a new study, physicists have investigated the role of quantum interactions in magneto-reception, and have shown that quantum technologies could be used to enhance or reduce the performance of an animal's chemical compass, and potentially control other biological functions.

Many animals possess some kind of magnetic sense, allowing them to navigate by using a magnetic field. The ability to detect a magnetic field, called magneto-reception, has been observed in a variety of animals, including birds, turtles, sharks, lobsters, cows, fungi, and bacteria. However, scientists do not fully understand the mechanisms responsible for this ability.

Hans Briegel, a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Innsbruck says: "I think our study has made clear that entanglement, as a genuine quantum effect, may not only be observed in isolated and highly-controlled laboratory systems. It can also exist and play a role in biologically relevant systems, specifically the chemical compass, and we have described a route how this could in principle be investigated experimentally."

In their study published in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters, Briegel and coauthors Jianming Cai and Gian Giacomo Guerreschi explain that there are two main hypotheses of magneto-reception. One of these is called the radical-pair mechanism, in which magnetic receptors in an animal's eye are activated by photons to produce a pair of free radicals. Each free radical has an unpaired electron, and the spins of the electrons are correlated. The interaction between the free radicals and a surrounding weak magnetic field can cause different kinds of spin correlations to occur, allowing an animal to "see" the magnetic field.

One of the things that the Innsbruck researchers wanted to know was whether the electrons from the radical pairs needed to be quantum mechanically entangled, or whether classical correlations were sufficient to account for the sensitivity of the compass. In their calculations, they found that the answer largely depends on the radical-pair lifetime: for short lifetimes, such as in the case of a molecule used in recent spin-chemistry experiments, entanglement is a prominent feature; on the other hand, for long lifetimes, such as in the case of the molecule thought to be responsible for magneto-reception in European robins, entanglement does not seem to play a significant role.

Since scientists are not entirely certain which molecules are involved in the radical-pair mechanisms in different animals' chemical compasses, the question of whether animals use entanglement to detect magnetic fields remains an open question. However, the physicists suggest that certain experiments could be performed to help narrow down the possible molecular candidates in animal magneto-reception.

For instance, by applying pi pulses that are parallel, perpendicular, or a variation of both to an animal's surrounding magnetic field, researchers may be able to observe how the quantum control protocol affects the animal's orientation ability. The physicists stressed that much more work would be needed to study the effect of quantum control pulses on biological tissue before such experiments could be carried out safely.

June 22, 2010        


Global Warming?

Solar Rain : The Earth Changes Have Begun     by Mitch Battros

In most scientific journals a description of the Sun and a description of the Earth may go something like what you will see in the introductory chapter of the book. The Sun-Earth connection is not a new theory. It has long been known there is some method of relation between what happens on the Sun, and its slow methodical effect in the way of climate on Earth . . .

Solar Rain brilliantly lays out chapter by chapter a Sun-Earth causal effect which occurs within hours of its initial event. It develops so rapidly, that what happens on the Sun, can effect what happens on the Earth before many of you will finish the first three chapters. In the famous venue of the slow awakening giant, the world's solar scientists are playing ‘catch-up’ to a new (which is old) understanding of the symbiotic and closely knit relationship between what happens on the Sun, and what can cause almost immediate problems on Earth.

Solar Rain

Earth Sun Connection

Great Central Sun Angels

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