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How To Be With the Master

by D. T. Marches

Light of God

The original idea of creation, which man was to share with God through his love and generosity, was that man might create and bring forth Beauty and Perfection through form, by the intel­ligent use of his creative centers of thought and feeling, but not permitting himself to become entangled in his creation, However, when man began to harbor willful and imperfect thoughts, the forms thus created took on the grotesque appearance of these thought-pictures, and these, in turn reacting back on the lowered consciousness, gave birth to the undesirable qualities which comprise the human nature of today. These qualities "whose name is legion," furnish the causes for all man's distress, includ­ing sickness, war and death, and thus, mankind has become al­most hopelessly enmeshed in his human creation.

Often, Great Beings from the Heart of God have taken on hu­man form in order to teach and raise mankind, such Beings as the Master Jesus, the Lord Buddha of India and many others, while hundreds and thousands of lesser souls have voluntarily eschewed the Freedom they have earned, and reincarnated again and again, that their Presence and Radiation might have a sweetening influ­ence on human thought. The price they pay for this sacrifice is the loss of their Divine Memory. The loss of consecutive memory is the karma of the ego, earned by its disobedience. This, every soul who volunteers to enter human embodiment must share.

These reincarnating friends of humanity must rely on their developed soul powers of discrimination and discernment, in order to keep themselves from falling victims to the intellectual arguments presented by their spiritually blind but stubborn brothers. It is a sad fact, however, that quite a few of these Great Initiates, who have braved human incarnation to help mankind, have unfortunately succumbed to temptations of one kind or a­nother, in this human realm, and so forgot their Divinely inspired mission in the fleeting pleasures presented to them. This is the chance the volunteer soul takes consciously before incarnating.

Many of the returning pilgrims on the Path regret that they cannot "see" their invisible Teachers and Helpers, but it must be remembered that "form" is a passing phase, that it was through form man fell, and the creative Spirit within is being taught not to get entangled in its meshes again, even to the extent of "see­ing" a Master. We are told that "no one hath seen God at any time," neither do we actually "see" each other.

All children of God are, in Reality, points of consciousness, in the human octave, enclosed in forms of flesh, but in the Higher Octaves, the Liberated Ones are clothed in a "Finer" dress, which is invisible to mortal sight, but which nevertheless does not make Them, in any way, an intangible apparition. Rather, They are strongly developed, Radiating Centers of Awakened Con­sciousness, that are capable of making Themselves felt to no un­certain degree, when the occasion warrants.

It is evident, then, that it would be a foolish waste of pre­cious Energy on the part of these Wise Teachers to go through the process of lowering the rate of Vibration of Their Finer Vehicles to take on the semblance of human form just to satisfy the curios­ity, or perhaps vanity, of some individual, when all Their Efforts are engaged in trying to wean the aspirant away from the fascina­tion of form and its dangerous reaction on the human soul. When a person sincerely contemplates any Ascended Master, lov­ingly dwelling mentally on His Perfection, Characteristics and Merits, that one unerringly enters into His Radiation and Aura. He has the Master's undivided attention while he holds himself within His Presence, and his soul and spirit is benefited while if he saw him "in the flesh," so to speak, the outer mind would be amazed and disturbed with very little benefit to the inner con­sciousness.

Through contemplation one can recognize unerringly the Vi­bration of the different Masters. One does not have to jostle with crowds nor provoke the jealousy of other individuals to come into Their Presence. One can sit in the privacy of one's room at any time, think of the Master one desires to contact, and then rise in consciousness and fly like an arrow into His Presence. It is as easy as that!

Man's task is to rise, by daily conscious effort, out of the hu­man consciousness into which he has fallen. Contemplation of the Ascended Host, as well as the Angelic Host, will help to raise his consciousness. A silent heartfelt petition to the Father of all Light for Forgiveness, Guidance and Deliverance will bring Help without fail, both from within and without, until one day he will find himself within the outstretched arms of the Father and hear His whispered, "Welcome home, My child."

Prayer: In the Power of the Christ Magnet endowed upon my lifestream, I invoke the full Nature, Capacity, Intelligence, Substance, Light and Supply of the Great Universal First Cause, whose child I AM.

The Bridge to Freedom Journal, November 1952

Great Central Sun Angels

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