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Without Vision, the People Perish

by V. F. Angelday

All Seeing Eye

"Without vision, the people perish!" Why? Because Life It­self, in Its Essence, is unformed Light Substance and since It is constantly flowing, It must have a "vision," a thoughtform, a re­ceptacle or cup, some definite pattern which will receive It and enable It to express the Divine Design for which it was created. The "vision" — the mind-picture which your intelligence holds before it, is the pattern into which that Life Essence will flow. Without that picture, that pattern, that design, the Essence is without direction and dissipates away. Therefore, without a defi­nite pattern, without a "vision" of higher things, of something better than the present manifestation, without the aspiration of the "upward look," the energy (Life) keeps getting denser and denser as its vibration lowers, and eventually disintegrates, or "perishes" (returns to the "Universal").

All mankind's difficulties come from looking down. To look down is to see disorder, dirt, human selfishness and general unhappiness. To look up is to see, first of all LIGHT, Divine Order, Beauty, Perfection, Hope and all of Good. There is nothing ever misplaced or disappointing or out of order in the "up look." The sun and stars are always in their appointed place at all hours of the day and night and never fail to appear. They are as depend­able as God, Himself, and give one a sense of security. ''God's is in His Heaven, all's well with the world," sang the poet. So, if we would have the same peace as the heavens, we must look up and pattern our lives and worlds after them.

Each of the heavenly bodies and all upon them, have no concern about each other, or anybody, or anything, but fulfill­ing their own Divine Plan of existence. The same thing hold true in nature — two trees can be growing side by side, for instance an oak and a pine, and each one, a few feet apart, living on the same soil and water and sunshine, produce two entirely different forms of life and beauty, but they do not interfere in any way with each other. Carrots, tomatoes and celery can be growing in the same garden patch, and each produces after its kind, without any interference or discord with each other. Why cannot mankind do the same thing? They can, IF THEY WANT TO.

If each one will get and HOLD the VISION of what he or she really WANTS TO BE and is Divinely Designed to be, and then bend every effort, every day, into the producing of that Perfec­tion, there would be no wars, chaos or heartbreak in this dear world of ours. It is because mankind have lost the vision and do not lift even the physical sight away from the petty things of this world and our desire to hold and possess them, and forget there IS a Vision to which we should aspire, for which we were created and which, if we do not express it, remains unexpressed until we do, for no one can express the Divine Design for another.

Each one, individually, came forth from the Heart of the Father, bearing a certain pattern which he, himself, created of the Perfection he desired to express in this physical world. He was at that moment endowed with all, and more than he could possibly use, of the substance of the universe, with which to fulfill that Divine Plan. In the forgetfulness of that Divine Plan, lies the secret of the confusion and disorder of the outer world today. Many are seeking the possession and holding of "things." In themselves, "things" can never bring happiness — they are only a means to an end, to bring ease and comfort and joy to us along the pathway of life. This is proven by the fact that you cannot take them with you — the things of this world STAY in this world. What begins here, ends here, for, at best, this planet is but a temporary abode for us all. It is the schoolroom of the uni­verse to which we come, periodically, to learn how to use Divine Love to create and expand Perfection. In quoting the Law to his disciples, beloved Jesus once said, "Be ye therefore Perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect!"

People often say, "Well there's nothing perfect in world." Oh, Yes there is! The Flame of Life within your physical heart, without which you cannot exist here, which keeps the body warm and moving, is the PERFECTION OF GOD — His Reality, within each outer form, and so PERFECTION IS WITHIN EACH BEATING HEART. Since most of mankind are constantly saying. "What is it all about? Why am I here?" would it not be rather sensible for us, ever so often, perhaps just before entering sleep at night, for just a moment, to ask of the Flame within yourself (it must be intelligent, since it does for you what you cannot do for yourself — sustains your heartbeat which makes life in your body possible) - "What am I here for? Tell me what YOU WANT ME TO DO WITH MY LIFE."

Then go off to sleep and forget it and gently, but surely, as you make the call, there will come softly into your consciousness new ideas, happy ideas, ideas that will give you the joy of liv­ing and the hope, and later absolute assurance of accomplishment — the reason for your being in this universe! Everyone has a reason for being. Find out what it is — GET YOUR VISION, the picture of what you are supposed to be and to do — your EXCUSE for existence and using the things of this world.

Start today, in every spare moment, enjoying that picture what you would like to be, what you would love to be doing and it must come to pass as surely as you do it. Call forth limitles Legions of the Angels of Cosmic Christ Accomplishment to assist you in this end.

The Bridge to Freedom Journal, March 1953

Great Central Sun Angels

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