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Christ Presence

Christ Presence through the Threefold Flame
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An Introduction

The Holy Christ Presence also known as the Higher Mental Body, Holy Christ Self, Higher Self, or the Guardian Angel is the Divine Mind that is aware of the Perfection of the God Presence, but is also aware of the imperfections and requirements of the outer self. This Christ Mind does not accept any imperfection of the outer human self, but remains Pure and Perfect. The Holy Christ Presence is endowed with the Discriminating Intelligence to act in the outer self - Directing and Governing the amounts of Light, Life, and Love released into the outer body forms. It has been described as a "Step-down Transformer" with the ability to act in the lower human realms. This form is of a lower vibratory rate than the Electronic Body of the God Presence, and is composed of the Light Substance of the Buddhic Octave.

JESUS is a Son of God, just as every embodied Individualization of the Great "I AM" (billions of Sons and Daughters of God upon Earth) is an embodied Individualization of the Great "I AM". The term "CHRIST" has been used by many people as being a synonym for the name of the man Jesus, but it is more than that. It is the Higher Mind of each person - the Christ Presence - made in the Image and Likeness of God. It is the Individualization of the ONE MIND OF GOD.

When the outer self fully surrenders to the Christ Mind and externalizes that Christ Perfection, then that outer self can truly be called the Christ. Every Adept (aka Mahatma, unascended Master) who has ever walked the Earth has been a "Christ". Once we displace the impurities in our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, then we can also be called "William the Christ", "Olivia the Christ", etc. There can then be the outpicturing of the many God Qualities, as well as the "Love in Action" of the Christ Virtues of Responsibility, Authority, Sacrifice, Necessity, and Constancy.

For further information, please see: The I AM Presence - The Reality of Who You Really Are


Great Central Sun Angels

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