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The British Isles –

Their Destiny and Divine Plan

According to The Ascended Masters’ Teachings

Saint Germain in the British Isles

by David Tame and Faith Collingwood


The British Isles¹ have long been the sacred ground upon which the Ascended Masters, during Their incarnations even before Their Ascension, began setting forth Their Ideas and practical Plans in preparation for a Dawning Golden Age for the world.  The archetypal myths and legends surrounding Camelot and the Holy Grail, El Morya’s (as Thomas More) book, Utopia, and Saint Germain’s (as Francis Bacon) New Atlantis, and other works, not least Bacon’s close association with the Shakespearean Plays and Sonnets – are just a few examples of Their Vision and hopes for a new future.

With the coming of the Ascended Masters’ more direct sponsorship of Activities over recent centuries, the British Isles has garnered a rich heritage of direct statements about the nation’s destiny, which is interlocked with the future of America, of Continental Europe, and also of Africa and the Middle East. Since many of these statements are momentous, and also pertain very much to the present time, students of the Masters – British, Irish, European, or from any land – may find them fascinating, as well as inspirational to their lives.

The Masters have set forth a clear Blueprint and Vision for the British Isles (and her close neighbours in Europe) and for those of us who are Their students and disciples, it is important that we not only study Their Words, but distil that Vision and make it our own, so that we may begin to take the practical steps to bring it into physical reality in our lives – individually and collectively. Many important Dispensations have been granted and placed in our trust, especially over recent years, which need to be actively kept alive and nourished.

And so, we present here a summary record and overview of the Ascended Masters’ Teachings about the British Isles, and of the Their modern-day interactions with these lands - for posterity and for the present day.




The first more formal association of the Masters with the British Isles goes back to Their first public organisation, The Theosophical Society, formed in New York in 1875. Many of the Masters’ followers then were British, living either in India or Britain itself. Their amanuensis, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, spent her final days in London, and there are many recorded physical meetings of disciples with the Masters in Britain during her days. While extremely ill, Blavatsky travelled to England to complete her masterpiece, The Secret Doctrine (1888), overshadowed and inspired upon her by the Masters El Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Kul (who were then unascended Adepts). She passed on from 19 Avenue Road, St Johns Wood, London, on May 8, 1891. 

The very Words of the Masters Themselves in the form of ‘precipitated’ Letters to Englishman A.P. Sinnett (‘precipitated’ because the Letters usually appeared by telekinetic means such as falling from the air, or being found beneath pillows), were later published as a book². These actual original Letters from the Masters are still housed and can be viewed by appointment to this day in the British Library, London. These Letters from El Morya and Kuthumi are detailed replies to Sinnett’s questions about Cosmic Law, and formed much of the initial Theosophical canon of Teachings to humanity from the Masters.


Early Ascended Master Activities

There has been a lineage of authentic Activities (organisations) formed and sponsored by the Ascended Masters, all Activities having had students in Britain.

[For those interested in this lineage of authentic and major Ascended Master Activities, we would refer you to the online article , at .]

After Theosophy, globally there were two major Activities through which the Ascended Masters worked: The “I AM” Activity, which began in the USA in the 1930s, and The Bridge to Freedom, which spanned the decade of the 1950s and was centred in the USA. To our best knowledge the record of these Activities within the British Isles seems to have been minimal with no known record of the Messengers of either Activity visiting the Isles. The “I AM” Activity certainly had some students there, and so did The Bridge to Freedom, as in a Dictation in 1953, through Messenger Geraldine Innocente,  El Morya made reference to “beloved students in the British Isles” and also to the Etheric City over Glastonbury³.



Following The Bridge to Freedom, in 1958 beloved El Morya, through His Messenger Mark L. Prophet, formed The Summit Lighthouse, centred in the USA. In 1961 Mark Prophet married Elizabeth Clare Wulf, who also became a Messenger for the Masters in that Activity.

Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, visited Britain¹ and Europe at least once – the first time in 1968. An American student of the time, Annice Booth, accompanied them, and told later of literal miracles Mark worked when their trip was faced with ‘opposition’. It appears no Dictations were given. Their visit around the Isles was to anchor ‘focuses of Light’ in various places, for the future. However, in 1988 we were contacted by an English lady who told us Mark had visited her then, and anointed her a ‘Lady of The Flame’.

In August 1977, the first English person became a Keeper of the Flame - a formal member of the international organisation of The Summit Lighthouse. Others gradually joined, and the first study group was then established in London in Spring 1979. Within weeks, two decree services weekly were established (one open to the public), as were weekly lectures with introductory decrees.

The date is interesting, as the Ascended Masters began mentioning the Isles from that very year. From January 14, 1979, Archangel Gabriel had announced the need for “Mission Amethyst Jewel”: the coming-together of students to live together at Community Teaching Centres. As students would come together they would form clusters of “amethyst jewels” that become the new Study Groups and larger Teaching Centres around the world. The students themselves are the violet-flame jewel, he said⁴. Within that year large groups (live-in Teaching Centres) began forming in the United States, in the major cities.

However, during the Harvest Class held near Los Angeles, on 7 October, 1979, through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Sanat Kumara Dictated: “But what of Europe and of NATO and of Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal? What of these nations?” He wished for Teaching Centres in North America to be emulated across the Atlantic: “As this flame of the lightbearers passes through those forcefields of light and is amplified, it will receive a new push to carry it through the most darkened areas of the globe – the Middle East and the African states.”⁵ [Note: We are using capitalisation and grammar as each organisation chose to.]

Sanat Kumara
Sanat Kumara portrait by Ruth Hawkins © 1985 Summit University Press

Soon afterwards, on 11 November, 1979, in a written Dictation as a Pearl of Wisdom®, Sanat Kumara appears to have formally acknowledged the fledgling group of now about a half-a-dozen students (though ‘Erin’ is actually an ancient name for Ireland): “The first faint gleams of the violet fire are as flickering lamps in the land of Erin. To the British Isles let the pilgrims of the Mission Amethyst Jewel wander! For I AM the burning lamp in the midst of my people, rekindling the covenant which I have made with Abram and unto the Christic seed…. By the burning light of the seven chohans, I send my disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit of the Ruby Ray with the message of the two witnesses to England, to Scotland, to Ireland, and to Wales. For it is here that I desire to deliver the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel.…”⁶ 

In 1980 British students journeyed to the U.S. Headquarters of the organisation, and in conjunction with American students planned a successful major lecture-tour of many British and Irish cities which kick-started a much larger organisation within the Isles. Then, on Christmas Eve, 1980, a London student offered for free, a much-needed and wonderful five-floor property in the heart of this important capital city. Accepting this gift necessitated the forming of The Summit Lighthouse (UK) as a national religious charity in 1981.   

This property immediately became the Teaching Centre and national base from early 1981 through to 1990, wherein people lived, decreed daily together, engaged in weekly outreach, and studied in heartfelt communion. And for a decade it was possible to hold quarterly conferences and seminars there (the Teachings on audio- or video-cassette) to which students from all over the Isles could gather for long weekends. The London Teaching Centre became the focus for much daily planning on behalf of the nation, the launching-point from which several major lecture tours of up to six weeks around the Isles went forth, book-sales tours, and many other activities. Over time, as students moved to London in order to be more involved in the activities around the Teaching Centre, several satellite ‘student (chela)  houses’ were also established.

A physical focus such as this becomes a magnet to which others in the nation move – as we see in the USA today regarding Tucson. Without this London community and coming-together, far less would have been accomplished. Several other noteworthy study groups also existed in other major cities of the Isles. And by 1981 other European nations had sizeable Groups who decreed together daily. A very swift flourishing in the number of students occurred Europe-wide at this time.


Mother Mary: “I Return To Glastonbury”

Copyright © 1992 Summit University Press


Montessori International® was the sizeable school for children of all ages then established at the American Headquarters at “Camelot”, Malibu, California. In 1980 a large group of “M.I.” teenage students were taken on a pilgrimage to the British Isles, visiting Glastonbury, the pilgrimage mountain of Croagh Patrick in Ireland, and other focuses. During this pilgrimage the first Dictation on British soil was delivered, through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on South Cadbury Hill, Somerset on Pentecost, May 25. (The hill is widely reputed to be the most likely location of King Arthur’s Camelot, and is near to and within sight of Glastonbury Tor. Only the Montessori students and staff, and no British students, were present!)

Mother Mary spoke, and said: “As I brought to this land the light of the chalice, so I bring a flame to fill your [heart] chalice with the renewal of the ancient covenant that God-government might manifest in the earth in preparation for the golden age and that this government might be through each and every son of God and child of the light who shall raise up that flame of the victorious Christ consciousness…. I return to Glastonbury and to the site of our ancient focus…. We have called the sons of our heart to the United States, but there are many in this land and in many nations who are yet to come forth in the understanding of the mysteries of the Grail.”

Mary told the students that their own feet had touched that ground before. Referring to South Cadbury Hill, She said, “So it is good that men come to consecrate a place, a place that they can go back to and say, “This is where Camelot was.” But we are more interested in defining where Camelot is today. Not on the ruins of the past but on the altar of the heart do we build anew.”

And in momentous words, Mother Mary revealed that day that whereas only a few followers in the time of Jesus actually ascended, “Now at the conclusion of the age, it is the hour for those mass ascensions on the hillsides of the world. And I tell you that one day there shall be an ascension from this very hillside. And the focus which I plant here in this hour…. begins a spiral of ascension’s flame that will rest in the etheric octave until those devotees of Camelot and of all for which it stands can draw that flame out of the etheric into their physical temples and raise up a pillar of fire for the ascension current passing through, then, the lifestream…. will pass through from the Matter to the Spirit; and the fusion of the spheres will take place.”⁷

Upon the return of the teenage students to America, Saint Patrick dictated to them at their graduation, on May 12, 1980: “By the light of the Emerald Isle, I stand – the victor of two worlds.” He said that he had mounted the Irish mountain, Croagh Patrick and was at the same time manifesting his presence with them in Malibu, California, “…for the arcing or worlds, made possible in the physical octave by the very pilgrimage of our students of light…. You have gone to see another world and yet kinfolk, brothers and sisters of a common origin. It is the seed of Joseph, it is the seed of Christ by which you are one with light-bearers across the nations” - and that he sends them forth to contact youth all over the world.⁸


Beloved Saint Germain in 1981

Saint Germain
The Ascended Master Saint Germain by Charles Sindelar


Saint Germain has a long association with Britain, having been embodied here as St. Alban, as Merlin the mystic of legend, the philosopher-scientist Roger Bacon, and in his final embodiment as Sir Francis Bacon.  He was also known as Le Comte de Saint Germain, ‘The Wonderman of Europe’ in the 18(th) and 19(th) centuries, when he worked behind the scenes to try to establish a United States of Europe. And now he comes to us as The Chohan of the Seventh Ray and Hierarch of the Dawning Golden Age.

From the opening of the 1980s, the attention of the Masters was clearly much upon Europe. On May 3, 1981, through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, beloved Saint Germain spoke of the entrenched darkness within those in power in Europe, and reinforced a previous call from Archangel Jophiel for a Teaching Centre to be established in Rome. He continued: “And I call to those ones who are called to go to Paris!” (Meaning also to establish a Paris Teaching Centre. However neither Centres came to pass at that time, and each still have yet to come.) Saint Germain also said:

"I summon sons of Light who are of European descent or who are born there in this life to affirm the Light of God in Europe and to redeem my own mission there! For I AM determined that the Light shall rise again in those sacred shrines and in those nations and save those souls of Light who are truly of my heart! .....

“Therefore, I say, I take that light of this dispensation and I give to Europe, with the archangels, my causal body, my Presence, and my Purple Fiery Heart now for an era, now for an opportunity to return to the Light, to unite—not on the basis of selfish economic interests! After all, are these the only things that will unite people in the hour of their greed? Can they not rise to sacrifice and unite upon the basis of the Mighty I AM Presence!

“Let there be a spiritual community of Light-bearers of Europe who by proxy hold, then, the focal point of the mantle of God-government in Europe!”⁹

Beloved Saint Germain’s Address at the First European Conference

The first-ever Conference in Europe, from any Ascended Master Activity, took place in July, 1981, at Ellecom, Holland. By this time groups of students had gathered together not only in the Isles, but in Holland, Sweden, and other nations, and their numbers were swiftly multiplying. The Ascended Master Lanello and Beloved Saint Germain dictated.

The context of the times, in 1981, is important to understand. These were more dangerous times than now, for it was during the Cold War, and the Soviet Union was seen as a real threat. Invasion of Europe was quite conceivable. This was therefore an underlying theme of Saint Germain’s Dictation.

Secondly, students in Europe had all found the Teachings in large numbers very quickly. Students present, from all the European nations, were quite new, having been involved for only one or two years, or even months, or just weeks. Such new students were rough diamonds, and within months some rivalry was evident between the European nations. The Master therefore addressed this sense of separation and for the need for Union (which came to exist beautifully in a cooperative spirit after that very day). He was not speaking of national boundaries, He said, which indicate different karmic peoples, but He spoke against the spirit of division.

Thirdly, He also stressed the need for training, including formal training in outreach and in running Centres, at the U.S. International Headquarters, where three-month sessions were held.

In a Dictation of true Shakespearean style, Saint Germain began:

“I come, not for these alone but for the spirit of an age and for the child of my heart. My voice has not been heard upon this continent for well-nigh a century and more, for in this physical octave my messenger has not gone before my face to deliver my Word until the hour of your coming….

“I say, forces of freedom in Europe, rally! Rally around the banner of freedom and recognize that the Aquarian age and the great wave of Almighty God is come upon you!

“O Britannia, hear our call and now rise up to the Word of God!...  O Keepers of the Flame in Ireland and in England, Scotland, and Wales, I appeal to you to mount with a fervor and a holy light for the saving of the souls who themselves will play a role in the deliverance of the European continent….

“This is my commitment to every student who will hear this dictation! You who strive to publish and preach the Word, no matter what your karma, I will stand as your advocate before the Karmic Board! I will take from my causal body. And I promise you that every thing that the Great Law will allow will be done in your behalf!....

 “Do you suppose that we propose to save Europe with this ragged band of devotees, this motley crew? I say, Nay and Yea! For we propose to summon you to your highest Self – to mold you, to meld you into one flaming banner of the World Mother, to make you one mighty heart….

“Will you not kneel with me. Will you not remember the figure of George Washington kneeling in prayer….

“I, Saint Germain, kneel upon this soil in the very heart of Europe and I pray to Almighty God for the deliverance of all of these nations and of the Isles. I pray for the deliverance of the souls of light….

“O Great Divine Director, now enfold me and these souls of light in thy heart that we may pursue the great divine plan for this continent from your causal body of light....

“Let there now be the attention given to the organization of this company, nation by nation. Let there be the attention to the stumping [outreach and outreach tours] of Europe and the British Isles. And let every light-bearer be given the opportunity to hear my voice and my plea for freedom and for the Union.

“I bid you determine a twelve-month cycle and a twelve-month plan. I desire you to look at your hands, your heart, your ability, your background and determine what is your offering to scour, literally scour your nation in search of souls of light!

“If you have made effort, then I say, let it be made again tenfold! And if you have made it tenfold, then let it be made again ten times tenfold.

“Blessed hearts, we will not leave any stone unturned until the light-bearers are contacted….

“Become pilgrims, mendicants – if necessary. Be as Saint Francis. “Go and sell all that thou hast”¹⁰ and move on the highway of God.

“I do not recommend impracticality and a failure to deal with the responsibilities of family and calling in life, but I heartily recommend sacrifice and the commitment of all free time to this Cause.”¹¹


The Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, visited Britain again in 1984, and in 1985 accompanied by a large team, but there were no Dictations. The 1985 visit was a lecture tour of the major cities culminating in a 3-day Seminar for World Teachers at Flevehof, Holland with four Dictations, including Saint Germain once again. And in 1988, students from all over Europe again gathered in Lisbon and then Fatima, Portugal, for a major 4-day European Conference with many Dictations from the Ascended Masters, including Mother Mary at Fatima. During this time the Masters continued to make reference to the Isles and Europe in their dictations given in the USA through Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Due to the amount of material available, we have selected what we feel is the most pertinent to this article.



In 1995 the Ascended Masters formed a new Activity, The Temple of The Presence®, through the Anointed Representatives™ Monroe Julius Shearer and Carolyn Louise Shearer. Reasons for the Masters “moving on” and creating new organisations are amply dealt with in another article, .

Most of the Board of Trustees of the previous Activity for the Masters within Britain, along with other disciples, saw the authenticity as well as the need for this new Activity, and transferred over within 1999, becoming Torch Bearers of The Temple®.

As a direct result of peoples’ positive response to the new Activity in England, in September 2000 the nation was blessed by a full three-week visit from the Anointed Representatives, who had been releasing Discourses and Dictations in the USA since 1995. This included the first Conclave/Conference to be held on British Soil.

The England 2000 Conclave, “The Matter of Britain and Her Adept Sons”, took place over four days from Friday, September 8 to Monday 11, 2000( )at Gaunts House in Dorset, south-west England (approx. 1.5 hours from Glastonbury). Along with numerous fascinating and illuminating Discourses by Monroe Shearer on past lives of the Masters in the Isles, and the “Matter of Britain”¹², ten Dictations were given through Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer and also broadcast live over the internet to the world.

We heard from Beloved El Morya first, and then Beloved Amerissis, Kuthumi, Lady Master Leto, Saint Germain, Mighty Victory,  Pallas Athena, Mother Mary, Godfre and Lanello. These were very special Dictations, both for the Isles and Europe, each Master anchoring a specific action of the Light and Their Flame in the physical land of Britain, and giving us very direct instruction on our personal Path and the role we are to play in raising up the Consciousness of the Light of the Ascended Masters - in the Isles, in Europe and beyond.

The following are summaries, with excerpts, of the Dictations given at that time. They are not yet all officially edited, so out of respect for this we have summarised the words in places, but always using the Master’s own Words even in our summary. In choosing what to include, we have concentrated more on Teachings specifically about the Isles and the role of students here.


Beloved El Morya

   Morya El
Based upon original portrait of Morya by Hermann Schmiechen in 1884
Available from Acropolis Sophia Books and Works®


Beloved El Morya Dictated first. The Chohan of the First Ray and Chief of the Darjeeling Council, spoke of His love for and connection with Britain - “I AM home and I AM home to stay – if you will have me?” For He was embodied in Britain as King Arthur, Thomas Becket and Sir Thomas More.  He brought expanded opportunity and a renewed enthusiasm and sense of purpose for the Path.

Like Saint Germain at Ellecom, El Morya said that it was time for the British Isles to lead the way for Europe. “…for there to be such a mark of Light released upon this Earth, in this very place, Britain, where so many have come for so many embodiments to do the Will of God and to bring about the change in life. This is why we have come to England. This is why we have come to this land. For there are those students of the Ascended Masters who have shown themselves worthy and are ready to hold a greater responsibility of Light. They have by their record and by their deeds shown that it is time that the Ascended Masters can vest them with greater amounts of Light - so they can effect a greater change.“

He said that we are given the opportunity to step forward and expand these Teachings in a more proactive manner throughout Europe. And He explained that people of Europe would more likely listen when their own brothers and sisters of a like country speak to them. There is the familiarity of the background and history. (“This is your time, England, this is your opportunity…”) 

He spoke of the momentums of His embodiments that are still present within the akashic records of this land and the Joy and Love of His Heart that could hardly contain His desire to do it for us. But it is for us to gain that mastery.  We must do it. We are to make Britain come alive!

Of the very few present, we would not be alone, as He had already read the record and the inner vow of “many thousands” who are already committed to this Path in this very lifetime. We should mark well our journal, for given five, ten, and fifteen years we would see dramatic change in Europe that we did not even dream would come about.


Beloved Amerissis


Beloved Amerissis, who is the Goddess of Light and Chohan of the First Secret Ray - and sponsor of King Arthur from Inner Levels as the “Lady of the Lake” - came on the same day, explaining that as the Twin Flame of El Morya, They came with Their God Flame to anchor the Trinity to enhance the further releases to come in future days. She spoke of how she overshadowed the activities of Camelot - to help bring about God Government, God Right Action and the understanding of the Perfection of the Light of God.

She taught on how important it is to saturate our lives with Light daily and allow for the enveloping mantle of the Christ Presence to direct our affairs. “For the Holy Grail is truly the Temple, the Temple of your own Being, upraised ready to receive the Light as it comes forth, ready to be saturated to overflowing.”  

She brought the Sword Excalibur in the form of Light - for us to grasp in our hand and hold high as the mark of Truth to cleave asunder all the unreality we have entertained for many incarnations – bringing Christ Discernment, Clarity, and an increased sensitivity to the quality of vibration in our worlds.

She explained how, when that Sword is raised high, many will recognise the Fire and the Light - and the Vibration will register on their Hearts – which is more important than any words or form. “When you learn to detect the Fire that is at the core of every aspect of Teaching and Instruction that comes your way, you will understand what it is that your God Presence desires you to receive.”


Beloved Kuthumi

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Next day came beloved Kuthumi, prefaced by the meditation music, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Embodied at the time of Camelot as Parsifal, and now a World Teacher, Kuthumi spoke on the importance of Friendship. He valued his ongoing friendship over the ages with El Morya – such as when El Morya was embodied as Thomas More and Kuthumi as Erasmus.

He spoke of how these friendships can lead to mandalas gathering together again in this life. True friendship is not syrupy emotionalism or intellectualised; it comes from the Heart and is the Fire of God deposited upon our Heart by the Threefold Flame. A figure-eight flow between Threefold Flames is a bond that cannot be broken. It is not mere circumstance or coincidence that brings us together once more, or the focus of our attention. “If you desire to reconnect to those old friendships that were true and right and just – go to the Heart – make application to your own God Presence to send forth the Ray of Light, to send that Ray with the vibration of love and gratitude that that friend will receive in like manner your supplications to their Heart.” 

He spoke of the subtleties of understanding that are required if we are to teach and not have the Heart of another affronted by any substance surrounding the electrons from our Heart that is of the human creation.

He spoke of friendships which last the span of time. If we Ascend, and find that a friend has not, there is still the Heart-tie. This is why the Masters know our Heart - many of us have been embodied with them at one time or another. This is why we know of Saint Germain, El Morya, the Maha Chohan. The names are familiar because they are familiar to our Hearts. We know Them intimately and well. But our greatest friendship is with our own God Presence.


Beloved Lady Master Leto

by May DaCamara © Copyright Saint Germain Foundation


Dear Ascended Lady Master Leto, who had a Scottish embodiment, and is now the Chohan of the Fourth Secret Ray, came “with the Emerald Ray to the Emerald Land of the green pastures that roll underneath the Etheric City”. She took us all on a guided meditation-tour along the pearly-white marbled pathways of the Etheric City above Glastonbury, calling it in fact “vast” and that it is “right above your own England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, radiating out through the entirety of Europe and into the Atlantic.”

She described how this magnificent City is surrounded by Emerald Fire, with the substance beneath the feet having the light, airy texture of grass or purified chlorophyll, which is the essence of the Emerald Ray as a foundation for Healing – as indeed many do come to the City for Healing, allowing the Emerald Ray to saturate the very cells of their being. She said: “This is an important understanding for those especially in this part of the world, but for all of the students the world round.  For far too many set up the mental barrier against their own well-being.  They do not allow for the Healing to occur… grasping at all manner of healing modalities when the very essence of Healing is right before them.” 

She spoke of how the Etheric Cities are very practical training grounds – teaching, healing, bringing forth new ideas and ways of thinking, and the expansion of consciousness.  Masters such as Herself, El Morya, Kuthumi and Saint Germain maintain Altars and Temples of training there and students from all over the world come to study.

El Morya’s outpost here teaches the Art of God-Government, Honor and Law, and those who are desirous to engage in learning these Arts as their dharma will come to His school. “This may come as a surprise to many considering that the focus has always been for El Morya in Darjeeling, but I promise you those who have attained to the law practice and certain applications of government have indeed sat in His Presence - for not all politicians the world around are absent the cause of the Light.  Many do not quite recognise it, nor bring it to their memory as of yet, but the time will come when all of the professions of the world will recognise that inner instruction of which they have been a part.”

Kuthumi is frequently in attendance to the Altar of His Temple, maintained by the Brothers of the Golden Robe. And He “instructs in these Halls on Illumination’s Flame, Wisdom and the understanding of the Pure Heart to bring forth peaceful interaction in all affairs of man….

“Each time there is an application for a lifestream to become more active in teaching and instructing Cosmic Law, they are guided to this most beautiful golden Temple and will sit and absorb, not only the Radiation and the Light, but they will absorb the thought patterns of Right Action. They will begin to examine the mental plane from this vantage point so that they will be able to begin to bring change within all aspects of the Earth.”

Saint Germain stands in His Temple to remind all of Freedom.  “There are those initiates on the Path who are in service to the Violet Flame, but sadly heretofore, there have not been sufficient numbers giving the Violet Flame calls within this part of the world.  And so the reinforcements are constantly brought from other areas of the world to tend to these altars.” 

Profoundly, She spoke of how the Masters desire an action of the Arcing of the Light between this Etheric City and the Etheric City above Tucson that “will be such a pressure of Ascended Master Fire that you will see major change occur the world around.”  Eventually this arcing will spread to other areas of the world where there are Etheric Cities and students gathering to hold the Fire.

This Dictation by Beloved Lady Master Leto is the clearest and most detailed we have to date as a description of the Etheric City above Glastonbury.

(Note: Over two years later, through Anointed Representative™ Carolyn Shearer in Tucson, Arizona, on December 25, 2002, Jesus further spoke of the Etheric Cities: “I look throughout the land and see many Etheric Cities lowering. These Etheric Cities, fourteen in number, are exhibiting a greater release of Light by the Ascended and Cosmic Beings for the benefit of the Earth. Throughout this coming year, you will hear more specifics regarding the anchoring of that Light in the Earth of which I speak.

“Hold fast as this blessed community and all of the Earth receive Light, Light, Light from the Etheric Cities over Tucson, from over Glastonbury, and, yes, over Jerusalem as well. Know the Light is coming forth. Be prepared to receive that Light.”¹³)

[What is an Etheric City? - ]


Saint Germain Speaks To Us Again

Beloved Saint Germain
Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:


Saint Germain came. It is well-worth comparing beloved Saint Germain’s address with the one He made fully nineteen years earlier in Holland in 1981 (see above) to note some very similar continuing key themes. In England, 2000, this Chohan of the Seventh Ray said:

 “For you will not be able to move one foot within England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and yes, even, all of Europe, where I will not have a reminder right there before your eyes that I keep my gaze upon my own.

“Yes, beloved, you thought I had gone. You thought I was only in the United States. Well I tell you, I AM not so far away, not any longer! This is why, beloved, you now have work to do. You have already been told, but I shall tell you again so that you will not miss My Word. It is important for these British Isles to have a focus of Light, a foundation of blazing Fire to project this Light into all of Europe, all of the Mediterranean and, yes, to expand this work so that Africa will have a launching point.

 “Do you not see, beloved, that the British Isles is a major gateway for all of Europe? This is a focal point of the free world, not unlike the United States. It is incumbent upon those of you living here to hold your heads high, to raise your Torches, carrying them proudly, and knowing whereof you speak! You must know your heritage, you must know who you are, you must take to heart all of the stories, all of the history, all of the grand, rich spiritual heritage that is yours and bring it to the fore!

“I did not foster the writing of all that came forth from my pen, from my Heart, my vision, or from My instruction to all those under my purview just to have them go astray and simply be utilized throughout the earth by lifestreams who have yet to know who they are. They have been able to grasp a great deal from my writings, but who knows my work better than the students of the Ascended Masters do? You are the ones to carry the Flame and teach those who have gravitated to the Shakespearean Plays, to the Sonnets, to the writings of Bacon and all of the other aspects of my embodiments, but alas have not yet understood the core meaning behind all that I set forth during those lifetimes....

“The occasion of our return with the Messengers to England, this land of the angels, has been an important and momentous event. With me, this very night stands my Beloved Portia, El Morya, Kuthumi, and the Maha Chohan. Together We stand shoulder to shoulder so that you might understand that this, our coming, is absolutely important, not just for yourselves, but for the greater whole of England and Europe. Do not always think that what goes on in America is going to be your only means of salvation.

“You must realize that the spark that is upon the Altar of your Heart must be extended to the Altar of your Sanctuary, and then expanded to encompass not only your city and country, but also the whole continent! Where there are great bodies of water, it requires a focus of Light to be regenerated and sustained on the other side!....

“Coming to this land today is like returning home, indeed. I know the land, every inch. I have held it in my Heart. Moreover, I have awaited the day when I could return here and find sufficient Ascended Master students to uphold this Flame of Freedom.”

And as in Holland in 1981, Saint Germain again spoke of the vital need to actively find other lightbearers in the British Isles by various means:

“Do not be timid! I abhor timidity! I do not understand why, when a student knows they have an I AM Presence fully capable of handling any situation, there would be any fear of speaking….

“This may seem quite stern language coming from Saint Germain, but I tell you, beloved, I know the English temperament well, and I know that you do not motivate easily. The Flame of my Heart desires for you to understand that there is abounding Love right within your own God Presence that desires to expand throughout this land and to do the work that you came to do….

“Start the exercise now. Embrace Fearlessness Flame. Mighty Victory would not stop. Mighty Victory knows no barrier. Each of you can complete the work you came to do. But it requires tenacity.”

It is noteworthy that Saint Germain spoke of the importance of expanding the Activity in the British Isles for the International Headquarters in Tucson:

“The Light that you can invoke and expand here in this bright land of England will be a very important key to the International Headquarters in Tucson. How is this so? We have not spoken much of the Great Etheric City over Glastonbury. Beloved Leto gave you a glimpse, but I tell you that the arcing over the Atlantic, spanning over most of the United States, will be a tremendous Arc of Light most necessary to reinforce all that the Masters desire to accomplish. For yes, we have deposited a tremendous investiture of energy within this area of the world. The British Isles will be key indeed in releasing Light, a Light that will not be hid, but will be a flame seen round the earth…. This England is most important indeed….

“Beloved Hearts, We have sent forth this Ascended Master Activity, The Temple of The Presence, so that it can be a canopy for Truth. You are called upon to organize yourselves, not unlike Liberty’s Temple in New York, to hold a focus, to have representatives who are responsive to the Hierarchs of the Threefold Flame, and to come together to manifest certain works, to plan, to commune, to be a family. Yes, you are scattered about to the four winds at this time, but that need not be forever. For there are Torch Bearers coming who will join your ranks and they will swell the smaller groups to larger groups until you will be able to bring those larger groups together.

“Then you will see mountains begin to move in this part of the world. Political decisions that are teetering on the fence, you will be able to sway simply with your calls to the Light....

“What are we going to do with the British Isles? How is it going to respond to the Light that is anchored throughout this Conclave? Will it be maintained and held? Will it be allowed to trickle away, not unlike the water flowing down the stream, passing by and becoming dissipated into all manner of countryside as it goes? Or will you stand firmly, hold it fast, and make the Invocations to your own God Presence for the continued nourishing of the Light?....

“I desire your Heart Flames to nourish this land. The collective talent is here, the Causal Body Momentum is here, and the Love for God is also here. I know this to be true and I see the record of the many lifetimes you have given your all. Now is the time to give your all toward your Ascension. Moreover, in so doing you will free others. You will bring Freedom’s Flame to this land, as it has never been present before….

“Now is that very time! You are here and there are other Lightbearers who will join you. You will not be alone. For I know who they are. They only need to recognize this Light and their Hearts will be afire for this work. Great things can come, but it does require your acceptance of the responsibility. It requires that you desire to make it happen. We, in the Ascended Master Octave, can only go so far and then we must wait until there is a corresponding action that comes forth from the Hearts of those of you in embodiment.

“Beloved ones, I will stand with you. I will argue for and on behalf of your cause in all areas. I will lend you my momentum should you run dry when you have used up all that you have to give. I will assist you in clearing the way of all obstacles. For the Violet Flame knows no obstacle. However, you must desire my assistance.”¹⁴


Beloved Mighty Victory

by May DaCamara © Copyright Saint Germain Foundation


The Cosmic Being, Mighty Victory, came with an entourage of His legions of Angels and Lightbearers, who have won their Ascension, to anchor the Light of the Great Central Sun in this part of the world so that there will be a magnet to draw those lightbearers who have a propensity for the Path, who already grasp freedom and are ready to know Victory. For it is not enough that the Anointed Representatives would only be in the Americas. But it is also necessary, Victory said, that there be the lightbearers to help support that Flame once the Anointed Representatives move on to another part of the globe. This would produce the magnet to bring forth those who will assist us, to bring about the community, and camaraderie, and the support of Light.

He taught on the inner Science of Victory, of having no doubt. He explained that it takes more than one lightbearer, more than just one convening of lightbearers. It takes many times regularly. This is why He was requesting that the Anointed Representatives come to this land on a regular basis. “But it takes your support in order to do this.” He said that if disciples do not maintain the Flame, why would the Masters come, indeed?   

He promised that He would stand in the land throughout the Conclave to continue releasing His Light of Victory: “You will know of My Presence. And as the sun shines above you, you will know that the Golden Age is coming, and you are that spark that will bring it about in this part of the world. You are the One. You have been chosen by your own God Presence to participate in Saint Germain’s Drama.  This is the time and the cycle for your lifestream to come up to the standard of your own God Presence and be that God Victory of who you truly are.”


Beloved Pallas Athena


On Monday, 11 September, the final day of the Conclave, four Ascended Masters Dictated in a row. Pallas Athena spoke first.  Pallas Athena has a strong tie to the British Isles. This Goddess of Truth and member of the Karmic Board sponsored Francis Bacon and his circle of Elizabethan authors from Inner Levels. This was the Goddess to whom Francis Bacon plighted his troth as a youth. She guides and assists in the bringing forth of Golden Ages. Britannia, such as represented until recent years as a female figure on the back of British coins, is a representation of Pallas Athena. Certainly it can be seen that the Brotherhood of Light chose most carefully and with very good reason which ten Masters would give Dictations during the Conclave.

Pallas Athena said: “You would expect that I would be speaking to you on far-off schemes to bring in the Golden Age, or great plans afoot for you. But alas, I AM come to speak on one topic and that is the enrichment of your life. You cannot expect to nurture the Flames of God with a solemn face, a heavy back, and a scowl across the brow. The feet must be Light, the heart must be Light, the burdens must be Light.... Perhaps you have not considered that the very upliftment of life is Light. Where there is Light, there is Joy.”

“You are called upon in this part of the world, not unlike those who are abroad in the land in other countries, to be a focal point for Truth.... To wield that Spear of Truth and allow for the Emerald Ray to manifest where you are - to bring forth the full corrective measures of the Christ-like Mind, to have the nourishment in the land so that the land will continue to blossom and grow, so that the little ones will maintain the Purity of the Joy of the Heart and not give way to the same circumstances that the parents before have taken on.”

She and the Masters had come to this part of the world, so that British students will be reminded that She and They are here, and that They will continue to give the needed support, direction, illumination and comfort.

“I have stood in this land longer than you can begin to fathom in your mind. The hundreds of thousands of years of my support in the land carry its mark, resounding with the Vibration of Truth.... I will deposit within the land of England the Light of the Emerald Ray. It will stand as a beacon to arc with that of the Emerald Ray on the Altar of the Heart Centre of the Temple. It will be the Healing for the Heart, the expansion of the Abundance of Life for all those who feel weighted under the poverty of the lack of Light, and it will nourish the Heart with the Joy Flame of the music of the spheres, the creativity of your own Divinity coming forth as you tap into that Light....”

The Goddess of Truth trusts that we will envelop our entire life, our entire community, and the entirety of Europe, in a regular saturation with the Violet Flame, so that we can see the miracles of the Resurrection in this part of the world.

She told us the British Isles were at one time the storehouse of all of the magnificent beauty and creativity to come forth. Where is it now? While there are some that produce beautiful music and certain works that are of a high standard, She spoke of the many that will now nourish the entire Earth. Each group of lifestreams that come together because of karma, because of a work to accomplish, will have a mission that is collective for that area. “You could say that it is group dharma.”

There is great creativity to come forth from this part of the world, Pallas Athena said, which should be tapped, released, and expanded across the Earth, “for the Earth needs your gift of Love”.


Beloved Mother Mary: “The Light of the Heart is the True Healer”


As in previous Dictations, Beloved Mother Mary confirmed the legend that she did indeed journey to Britain, to Glastonbury, after Jesus’ Ascension. “I Mary, have come retracing my trek with the Golden Chalice…. You need not pursue a physical trek in quest of the Grail.  Your quest is right where you are… the trials of the Grail-Quest are always fought within the Heart, regardless of where your body is.” 

In a profound Teaching upon Healing, Mother Mary explained how the Heart is always the key to Healing, since it is untouched and pure despite any overlays. She taught on healing karma and karmic circumstances. Patience in applying the Violet Flame is needed, since for how many lifetimes might there have been the build-up of misuse?

Mary recognises that in the physical plane, illness can bring pain. How to be still to reach the Heart at its Purest Core to bring forth and have faith in healing during pain? “….this process takes great mastery. You will have to trick your mind. You will have to still your emotions, and you will have to elevate your consciousness to your Holy Christ Self. It can be done.” Healing, Mary told us, is Her greatest joy. She spoke also on the untangling of karmic relationships.

Mary said, “But it is in your Heart, in that pure place of the Heart vibrating in unison with your God Presence, where there are released the increments of Fire necessary to bring about every aspect of healing that you require. Have patience with life. You have had so many embodiments. You have generated much karma. But you also have a greater opportunity than all of that karma put together. You need not look at your karma, deciding to run or dreading the day when that karma will descend. You need only embrace the Light of God, determined to have only that Light be the God Life that you drink in, refusing all else.”

And to the Lords of Karma, Mary spoke while offering up our healing petitions: “I call for the healing of those in the British Isles that they might have the fullness of the release of Light to bring forth the Ascended Master Teachings to the fullest extent that the Ascended Masters desire, that this land might be an outpost for the Golden Age of Saint Germain underneath the Etheric City here.”¹⁵


Beloved Godfre: “This Is How You Do It”

© Copyright Saint Germain Foundation


Beloved Godfre, once embodied in England as King Richard the Lionhearted and later as King Henry V, addressed us. Yes, our twice-former King was returned to lead us! “I was asked by Saint Germain to come to this Conference so that you might have benefit not only of my lifestream’s work within this Country and the Flame that I have anchored here, but the benefit of my understanding of what it takes to reach students of the Light. For you have a great work ahead of you and that work I applaud.” 

Early on, Godfre emphasised the words, “This is how you do it.” As the Messenger in his final embodiment for the “I AM” Activity, He knows well and is experienced in how a group of Ascended Master students can function, grow, and succeed. So His instruction was point by point (as He even said), and extremely practical, on how students should relate, work, and come together in finding  and nurturing new students, building Groups, and keeping harmony.

He explained that in bringing forth a new community of Light under the canopy of the Temple, it requires Loyalty to the Flame of God, to the Truth, to our own God Presence and the Ascended Master Vibration.

Godfre spoke of how we ourselves are the greatest public relations for the Ascended Masters - how we conduct our life, how we keep our home. And He said that the greatest way to share the Teachings is by example and one-on-one. We will build community by building genuine friendships.

Each Altar Group, Temple or mandala will, by design, have a focus for their attention, of differing God Qualities. The Group may have a passion for outreach; it may be a focus on a particular aspect of the Teachings. It is up to us to discover it. But in integrated group meetings, combining new people with experienced disciples, there must be a balance that must be maintained for all.

Godfre asked: “What of the new ones that come? They need far more patience and compassion. It would be harmful indeed to brush over the fullness of the Teaching, plop them into our sanctuary and say, ‘Now you are ready.’ Why not set aside a programme where there is one who desires to do this work, one who loves to give of themselves to the new student, and never tires of teaching the fundamentals, having compassion for any question?” He said that it is not enough to consider that it is a victory that many come if they do not stay. And if they do not stay, to look at what might be wrong with the group internally. People will stay if we hold the Fire and develop a programme of meetings and topics which hold their interest.

He said that it takes many hands to put together programmes for activities to go on under the canopy of The Temple. Why not offer assistance? The Masters expect fully that within Britain there will be those raised up who so honor their God Presence in action and the work of the Ascended Masters to raise up a Temple here. “There are enough Heart Flames. There is enough Causal Body momentum to do this.”

Godfre observed that far too many within the English land hold very dear to the ego. It is time for that to become the Divine Ego. Pride and ego have stood in the way of many having the expansion of a group effort and have allowed for the disintegration from within.

He encouraged the offering of assistance to anyone in a leadership position. And for that one at the helm to be willing to receive that assistance. This is called co-operation, assistance, community. This allows for all to participate, to have a proactive role, for within that activity there is creativity and a flow of Light and engaging of the Mighty I AM Presence, which makes a group effort victorious.

[Authors’ note: We believe this Dictation by Godfre to be possibly the best and most comprehensive on how to begin a new Group anywhere and make it successful, or indeed how to start up at the very beginning in a nation. Of necessity this is only a brief summary. So we hope that His complete and actual Words can be officially edited and soon released, preferably in printed form as study material for all Groups and nations.]


Beloved Lanello

Mark L. Prophet


Immediately following Godfre, beloved Lanello came to close the Conclave. Just as Godfre was the Messenger of the “I AM” Activity, so Lanello, as Mark Prophet, was in his final embodiment a Messenger for The Summit Lighthouse® until his Ascension in 1973. So two former Messengers came to conclude the Conclave.

Lanello, who is also the Chohan of the Second Secret Ray, spoke on His understanding of what is meant by sacrifice and surrender – “I do understand that there are those who would hold fast to an old garment rather than don a new because the old was comfortable.” That the land of Britain is precious. “It holds within it the opportunity, the Light, to be expanded.” Even when the Anointed Representatives are not present in Britain, He said, the Light will be there so long as there is an anchor point to receive it. “This is the great work to be carried on….

“There will not be fractionalisation of the communities but there will be a connection, and one community to another will communicate and they will keep that Arc of the Light nourishing the Land in between. This is how you knit together an Ascended Master Activity across the Earth – by communication. And it is not the mere abstract, impersonal: it becomes very personal indeed. You know the individual at the other end of the ’phone or of the wire. You know the Heart Flame. You know the subtleties. You know when their vibration is down and they need a boost….

“It is my desire that these British Isles that I so dearly love, and yes, my own homeland of France, will be nurtured by this Light, and that you will take this Light into France and Germany, and on, and you will reach those lightbearers who are so ready to hear this message….

“It takes serious contemplation of how you will engage with Saint Germain to bring in the Golden Age. We have said time and time again, it begins with one individual, one small community, and it will radiate out into all the communities that are willing to embrace God-Obedience to their Mighty I AM Presence.”

And beloved Lanello said that he trusts that we will invite Him to our meetings, and that we will place a chair for Him. “I trust that I will be invited, and I will promise you that I will come.”


Beloved El Morya Reactivates a Pillar of Fire Within Glastonbury

King Arthur       Glastonbury Abbey church
Arthurus Rex artwork Copyright ©


Two days after the Conclave, the Anointed Representatives and attendees from the Conclave made the short journey to Glastonbury. Within Glastonbury, the famed Abbey is now an enclosed open-air ruin and tourist attraction, with no roofs intact and neatly cut grass everywhere. In this setting, the disciples sitting on the grass, El Morya came forth, on a sunny day and amidst the bird-song:

“Now it is time for the Glastonbury to manifest the fullness of all it is to bring forth. Far too long was there the misuse of Light, and there was remaining only a trickle of the initial Fire that was to be released in this area. Not because there were not lightbearers worthy, but because there were not sufficient numbers to hold the balance, and the misuse that continued on and on throughout the centuries of black magic and witchcraft of the use of that pure Fire, the elemental essence of God coming forth…. It is not sufficient to have that continually wasted, and funnelled off into the astral plane.

“Therefore I charge each one of you within the British Isles to hold the responsibility for this Fire that we are anchoring throughout, not only this weekend, but most especially in this day. For today I reactivate a Pillar of Fire within this forcefield…. And we ignite this Fire so that you, beloved, will have a true focus of Light with which to gravitate to. And your sons and daughters, your grandchildren, will know that that Light continues and remains in the Earth because you have held the balance for it.

“You are manifesting the Victory of its protection, and you are continuing to nurture the Flame upon the Altar of your Heart, and emanate that Light that will move out and ripple out into all of Europe, and on and on, yes, beloved, until it will cover the entire Earth….

“Anchored within the Earth there is a Pillar, beloved, between the Great Central Sun and the Sun of Even Pressure in the centre of the Earth, and that Pillar will continue to nourish this Focus of Light that we are activating this day. Yes, My Beloved, the Goddess of Light, stands with Me, and We send into the Earth that Pillar of Fire that will come forth as a Fountain of Fire, and a vortex of Fire that will Light the Earth from this vantage point.

“And each time there is a son or daughter of God that has a Threefold Flame that comes into this area, they will look at the Chapel, they will look at the Tor, they will look to the Chalice Well and all of the other focuses, but they will find right here in this very forcefield that magnificent Fountain of Light.  And you will see that it will maintain its intensity as long as the lightbearers continue to do their work. 

“You are required as lightbearers of the British Isles to move in the area of Protection.  You must give the Excalibur call, and give that Protection, so that you will raise the Sword Excalibur of Truth on high and you will cleave asunder all of the misuse and the unreality that is manifesting in, through and around all of those precious lightbearers, and those sincere hearts that desire to do only the Will of God…

 “This Glastonbury gets attention around the world. And why is this? Because of the Etheric City that is manifesting over top of Glastonbury radiating out throughout the British Isles. And I tell you, beloved, it is not a small matter indeed, for within the proximity of every Etheric City there is the opportunity for the lightbearers to garner a greater understanding of the Law….

“I tell you, Beloved, that it is a joy indeed to stand in this atmosphere, to hear the birds, and to see the beautiful green, and to know that the Light of God is burning brightly once more in this area of the expanded Camelot… For all have adopted Camelot, all have acquired the God-Vision of Camelot and you will continue to allow that Vision to be nourished. 

“You will continue to allow the stories of, yes, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to go forward because they carry the Mysteries. And you will be able to explain those Mysteries, and bring about the clarification of why those trials and tribulations worked, why they didn’t, and where there was the downfall, and where there were the victories. It is an opportunity for you to wax with Wisdom and the understanding of the Law to tell those little ones of the great stories of honor and glory and respect. This is your opportunity to bring fully and completely the manifestation of the Light of God through the stories, through the Plays, through the artistic development, and yes, do not forget the music. People will remember music and song when they forget all else, because the song carries the rhythm, and the rhythm carries the tone and the tone carries the vibration. This is most important indeed for carrying on the traditions – not unlike the troubadours of old.

“But I tell you, beloved, the Vibration, the release of Light, and the understanding of My Message is most important for each of you to garner. And you should have a recording of this as soon as possible so that you can play, re-play, and re-play again within these British Isles this Dictation, and be galvanised to this release of Light.

And I now, El Morya, release that Light! And the Goddess of Light releases that Light! And It does pour forth into the Earth.  And there is a magnificent outpouring of the Great Central Sun Light and the Emerald Ray coming forth as the focus point of that Light!

“Hold the Light! Maintain the Light! And become the Light!”¹⁶


Saint Germain Speaks Most Intimately At Gorhambury

Francis Bacon     Gorhambury remains


On Thursday, 14 September, 2000, everybody travelled by chartered bus to Gorhambury, outside St. Albans (near London), which was the home and working hub of the Master during his final embodiment as Sir Francis Bacon. The Temple of The Presence intends to construct a new, larger Headquarters at Tucson, “The White Temple”, based upon the original design of Bacon’s Gorhambury home - but in an expanded and modern fashion. The original house is now ruins, but as everyone sat on the grass or upon the remaining walls, Beloved Saint Germain came forth in such an intimate manner. Carolyn was seated on a ruined wall, and no amplifying microphone was set up. But suddenly the Master was speaking through her, so unexpectedly to some that they had to quickly shift nearer to hear.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Flame, welcome to my home. I have long waited for the time when you could come and visit me…. And as you walk these grounds, know full well that you take with you the record of all that transpired here, all those who came to work with Me…. The Light is not as strong here as in The White Temple that you resurrect…. But what you connect with here is My Flame, and you connect with the momentum that I have established.

“Understand, beloved, that it is not the time or the cycle to simply tarry with the old. It is time for you to take the best of the old and to move into the future, for you have a great future to bring in – the Golden Age….

“We have much to do, there are many to train, and there is a Great World out there to be discovered by the Torch Bearers of The Temple - for the I AM Presence is to be awakened in the Hearts of all.”¹⁶



The Ascended Masters have indeed given us a wonderful legacy of Light, Fire and Momentum to enrich our lives and our personal spiritual journey - both in Their Words to us and in the physical anchoring of Their Light in the British Isles and Europe. Taken in their entirety, these Dictations and Teachings weave a glorious tapestry of practical keys, inspiration, vision and hope for students and disciples in the British Isles and Europe to take into their Hearts, internalise, and become. The excerpts given here are necessarily brief, presenting only a partial picture, and we have hardly been able to do justice to the Masters’ Words. But we hope that they convey a spark that will set Hearts afire in the British Isles, in Europe and elsewhere - to take forward the Masters’ Vision for the Dawning Golden Age of Saint Germain - as we play our part, individually and collectively, to bring it to pass.  

To conclude with the Words of Beloved Saint Germain: 

“I AM not so far away, not any longer! This is why, beloved, you now have work to do. You have already been told, but I shall tell you again so that you will not miss My Word. It is important for these British Isles to have a focus of Light, a foundation of blazing Fire to project this Light into all of Europe, all of the Mediterranean and, yes, to expand this work so that Africa will have a launching point.”¹⁴



Plymouth, England


Note: Of the twelve Dictations from the Ascended Masters released during the Anointed Representatives’ visit to England in 2000, only four are officially edited and released to date (July 2011) by The Temple of The Presence: These are:

Published as The Voice From the Temple™:

1. Saint Germain, September 13, 2000 (the Dictation was actually on the 10(th)), Gaunts House, England¹⁴.

2. Mother Mary, The Light of the Heart Is the True Healer, September 11, 2000, Gaunts House,



Available as CD 000913.1SE for $10:

El Morya at Glastonbury Abbey (which He said we should play, re-play, and re-play again) and Saint Germain at Gorhambury¹⁶.



1. The British Isles are a group of islands off the northwest coast of continental Europe that include the islands of Great Britain and Ireland and over six thousand smaller isles. There are two sovereign states located on the islands: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (commonly known as the United Kingdom) and Ireland (also described as the Republic of Ireland).

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All unreferenced Dictation extracts from 2000, through the Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer, are copyright © 2000, The Temple of The Presence, Inc®. All rights reserved.


David Tame lives in England and is the author of The Secret Power of Music (Destiny Books, USA, 1984), Beethoven and the Spiritual Path (Quest, USA, 1994), and Real Fairies (Capall Bann, UK, 1999). He first discovered the stream of Ascended Master Teachings while in India in 1975, and in 1981 became co-founder of the English registered charity, The Summit Lighthouse® (UK). He is presently associated with The Temple of The Presence®.

Faith Collingwood lives in England and has been a student of the Ascended Master Teachings for over 30 years.  She was a Trustee of the Summit Lighthouse (UK) Charity at various times between 1985-1999. She is presently associated with The Temple of The Presence®.

Both David and Faith welcome correspondence, which should be directed to them through the webmaster of this site.

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