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Be Ye Perfect

Perfection of the Presence
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by Allen Buresz

What we all should be striving for is to attain what Jesus has commended us to: "Be ye Perfect even as your Father (I AM Presence) in Heaven (in the Realms of Perfection) is Perfect." [Matthew 5:38]

There are countless people who have attained their Ascension. After our Ascension, we are in the Higher Realms of Perfection:

BUDDHIC OCTAVE (also known as the 7 Realms or Planes of the Cosmic Christ)
ATMIC OCTAVE (also known as the 7 Realms of Akasha / the 7 Causal Body Spheres / Nirvana)

~ ~ ~ The above two Octaves are Realms of Perfection that are "Coming to Be".

ASCENDED MASTER OCTAVE (also know as the 7 Realms of the Great Central Sun / the Heart of God / Heaven)
ADI OCTAVE (also known as the 7 Realms of the God Flames)

~ ~ ~ The above two Octaves are Realms of Perfection that are "Realms of Being".

When the Christ Mind, Energy, Light, and Consciousness so completely fills a person that nothing of human limitation remains, then one is a "Christ" as was Jesus.

When enough of the records, energies, and memories of Earth are purified by the Perfection of God, then there will again be the direct interaction of those who have already attained their Ascension and the rest of humanity. People will again see and speak with the Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Elohim, and Cosmic Beings as in the earliest Golden Ages.

An excellent book on living RIGHT NOW as if we were already Ascended was written by Christian Science author Lillian De Waters and entitled Science of Ascension:

DeWaters, Lillian    Science of Ascension - A Study of Our Being

The author clearly sets forth and illustrates the way of shortening the process of one's awakening from mortality to Immortality. Rising by the way of inspiration & absolute Truth transcends the tedious & toilsome thought taking method and assures a conscious contact with the Presence of God - which places one in a state & condition of Harmonious Existence.

Science of Ascension

Great Central Sun Angels

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